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Anaparastaseis: Bringing Religious Icons Alive

Each year since 1917, the villagers of Marpissa on the Greek island of Paros have been observing their own unique take on the Good Friday ritual that marks the death and resurrection of Christ. Known locally as ‘Anaparastaseis’, this local custom involves the entire village and attracts people from all over the island, residents and […]

Aphrodite of Milos or Venus de Milo?

The Aphrodite of Milos, better known to us all as the Venus de Milo, is one of the better known of the many ancient Greek sculptures now in museums all around the World. The statue was found by a farmer on a small Greek island in 1820, and is one of the Louvre Museum’s star […]


Going Back to the Cyclades

In just over a week now I will be visiting a few of the Cyclades islands. This is not my first visit there, and in this article I reflect on my first visit to Greece 24 years ago, and the sites I saw then …


Augustus of Prima Porta

This beautifully decorated statue, expertly carved in marble from the Greek island of Paros, was discovered 20 April 1863, and is one of the most important portraits we have of Emperor Augustus …


Chicago’s Colossal Bull Head from Persepolis

Bulls are to Chicago as colossal ancient objects are to the city’s Oriental Institute Museum. In this extraordinary object from the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis there are both, a colossal head of a bull. Carved from dark grey limestone and highly polished, the head measures over two metres high and a metre and a […]

Byzantine Church Frescoes on the Island of Crete

Crete has a long and illustrious religious history, stretching way back to Zeus and the Phoenician princess that gave her name to the European continent. The Byzantine religious heritage on this island is as special. At the beginning of the twentieth century an Italian scholar recorded over 800 Byzantine churches with wall paintings. While many […]


Backpacking in Grand Gulch, Utah

Southern Utah has some truly spectacular landscapes. Starting millions of years ago rivers cut deep through sandstone rock creating miles and miles of serpentine canyons. Today the area known as canyonlands is popular for hikers and backpackers who come not only to explore the geological beauty but also the rich and amazingly preserved archaeology, from […]

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