Month: March 2014

Chicago’s Colossal Bull Head from Persepolis

Bulls are to Chicago as colossal ancient objects are to the city’s Oriental Institute Museum. In this extraordinary object from the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis there are both, a colossal head of a bull. Carved...

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Ggantija Temples

Until recently the Ggantija temples were thought to be the oldest free-standing archaeological monuments in the World, being older than Stonehenge in England or the pyramids in Egypt. Not only are these the oldest of the thirty or so Maltese temples, they are also amongst the best preserved and definitely one of the best temple complexes to visit. A recently built interpretative centre has excellent displays about life at the times of the temples were built.

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Hagar Qim Temples

Sited on the top of a hill overlooking the rugged coastline of south Malta, is the megalithic Hagar Qim Temple. It was here that the iconic ‘Malta Venus’ statue was recovered during excavations in 1839. Some of the blocks of limestone used to build this structure some 5,500 years ago are amongst the largest of all the Maltese temples. Unlike these others, this particular temple has two monumental entrances.

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Mnajdra Temples

The three megalithic temples that make up the Mnajdra Temple complex are about five hundred metres downhill from the Hagar Qim Temples. The ages of these three temples span about 1,000 years. The second temple to have been built, the South Temple constructed about 5,000 years ago, is aligned with the rising sun at the equinoxes and solstices. Remains nearby suggest these temples were a part of a larger ritual centre.

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