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Berlin Berlin is a city of international culture and World changing history, well known for diverse architecture, contemporary arts and music, festivals and night-life. Perhaps this is not the first European city to spring to mind as a destination for archaeology – but the spectacular Prussian heritage along with the many monuments and memorials associated with the time of the Third Reich and World War II aside, Berlin has the World’s finest collection of museums with some of the most important artefacts and objects from all corners of the earth. Background | Museums | Day Trips | Travel Tips | News   Archaeological and Historical Background Archaeological evidence, although not extensive, suggests that the area in and around Berlin was inhabited as early as the Bronze Age. Thereafter, it is the remains of wooden houses that date to the end of the 1100s that provide evidence for sustained human settlement in the area; specifically the land around the island in the Spree River that is now called MuseumInsel. However, the timber-framed buildings to the east of MuseumInsel are not Medieval originals, rather they are much more recent reproductions. Berlin was given its town charter in the 13th century, and it is generally accepted to have been founded in 1237. Frederick I was the first in a long line of rulers from the Hohenzollern royal family to rule the area...

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