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Featured Tour Provider: Roman Trails, Rome

Walking tours offered by Roman Trails are lead by Claudia Pinci and Alessandro Mazza, both licensed tours guides of Rome. Claudia is an archaeologist, and a collaborator with Museum of London Archaeology, while Alessandro is an art historian who has carried out the largest survey of Roman architecture in the 20th century. Together they have created a set of guided tours that go beyond the usual attractions.

Some of their Guided Tours and day trips from Rome:

  • The Land of the Etruscans
  • Baroque Rome – art and architecture
  • Surrounding Rome: Ostia, or Hadrian’s Villa
  • Wine and Archaeology Tours from Rome
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    The theatre on the Decumanus Maximus at the Roman port city of Ostia.

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    A Roman mosaic depicting women playing with a ball on the island of Sicily.

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    A fresco depicting a peacock at Villa Poppaea, Naples.

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    The atrium at Villa San Marco, Stabiae.

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