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The following is a list of select  providers of archaeology and history tours, cruises and activities. Archaeology Travel does not receive any commission for purchases made by our readers following links from this page. Rather, we charge an advertising fee, which in some cases is waived. In all cases we only advertise those providers whose commercial enterprises align with our mission, that is to encourage and help everyone explore our world’s pasts in more sustainable and engaging ways

Archaeology Travel Itineraries

With over a decade experience in organising tours and other travel services with an archaeology focus, Archaeology Travel have created a specific set of multi-day, self-guided tours with a focus on the art, archaeology and history for a select group of destinations. Using our own ‘Itinerary Builder’, these itineraries can be followed as they are, or they can be customised to suit your interests, adding in destinations and places that are on your list of priorities. They are currently free of charge to those who have registered to use the website. 

Red Rocks Rwanda

Red Rocks Rwanda is both an Eco tours company and a social enterprise, bringing together community, wildlife, tourism and travel. Through our community-based cultural initiatives we actively promote sustainable tourism in Rwanda. Our pioneering cultural tourism scheme involves developing our community and promoting our nature preserve through tourism. Red Rocks Eco Tours brings communities into the tourism supply chain and supports community development projects that help people help themselves.