Child friendly archaeological attractions.

Children love archaeology! And increasingly, those that manage archaeological sites and museums go to great lengths to make their attraction suitable for their younger visitors. Some museums have fun activity sheets for children, or collections of artefacts children can handle. Archaeological sites often have demonstrations of ancient craftwork and activities specifically aimed at entertaining inquisitive minds.

Lisa Goodmurphy has written an excellent post, 9 Tips For Taking Kids To An Art Museum, although the post focuses on art museums, I think Lisa’s nine tips apply more generally to archaeology museums and sites as well.

The following is a growing directory of stories of days out at archaeological sites and museums around the World. These are real stories written by parents and published on personal travel and family blogs.

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Copenhagen – Viking Ship Museum
The World is a Book: Visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Denmark (January 2013)



Bath – Roman Bath Museum
Mother of All Trips – A visit to the Roman Baths in Bath (December 2010)

Bath – Roman Bath Museume
The World is a Book: A Step Back In Time at the Roman Baths England (September 2013)

London – British Museum
Mother of All Trips: Taking kids to the British Museum (July 2010)



Dordogne – Lascaux II and Cave Art
Archaeology Travel: Tips for Visiting the Dordogne’s Ice Age Caves with Children (July 2013)

Dordogne – Le Conquil: Dinosaurs and Troglodytes
The Three Under: Things To Do In Dordogne: Families Welcome! (August 2014)

Paris – The Palace Of Versailles
Gonne With the Family: Visiting The Palace Of Versailles With Kids (October 2012)



The Acropolis
Journey with Children: The Acropolis (July 2010)

Suitcases and Sippy Cups: Spending Sunday in Ancient Corinth with Kids (July 2011)

Suitcases and Sippy Cups: Touring Ancient Mycenae with Kids, Part I, Part II (August 2011)



The World is a Book: 5 Free Things to do in Rome with Kids (March 2013)

Suitcases and Sippy Cups: Tips for Tackling Pompeii with Kids (April 2012)



Chichen Itza
Suitcases and Sippy Cups: Touring Chichen Itza with Kids (July 2012)


United States of America

Chicago – The Art Institute of Chicago
Arrows Sent Forth: Tips for Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago with Kids (June 2012)

Chicago – The Oriental Institute Museum
Wandering Educators: Kids Love Ancient Egypt and Archaeology (April 2013)

Mesa Verde National Park
Tips for Family Trips: Mesa Verde National Park for Families (November 2012)

Overton (Nevada) – The Lost City Museum
Wandering Off: Vegas Day Trip: Lost City Museum in Overton (April 2013)

Williamsburg (Virginia) – Jamestown Colonial Settlement
Pit Stops for Kids: Jamestown Settlement and Colonial National Historical Park (September 2014)

Washington D.C. – Mount Vernon
Pit Stops for Kids: Washington DC with kids: Touring Mount Vernon (October 2014)


Please note: If a site you wish to visit is not on this list, it does not mean it is not suitable for children. Search for the site’s website and see if there is any information there. And do come back and share your experiences.

If you and your family have enjoyed a great day out at an archaeological site or museum, why not share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Bloggers: if you have a blog post or article online about your family’s visit, and think it should be included here, please do get in touch I would be more than happy to include a link to your story on this page.