40,000 years of history, beginning in the Middle Stone Age

Exploring the Past in Egypt

From Alexander the Great to the Romans, from Napoleon and his scientific expeditions to Thomas Cook and his Nile Cruises, Egypt has been firing our imagination for centuries if not millennia. Whether it is the Pharaonic Abu Simbel in the south or the Ptolemaic Library of Alexandria in the north, the Red Sea coral reefs in the east or the oases amongst mammoth dunes of the White desert in the west, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

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Map of archaeological sites and museums in Egypt: light blue = Pharaonic; green = Greco-Roman; pink = Coptic; purple = Islamic; yellow = Historic; blue = Museums

A Day Trip to Cairo from Luxor

A day trip to Cairo does sound rather extravagant. But not that wild an idea if your starting point is another city in Egypt. Which is exactly what I did during one of my visits to Luxor. During my week in Luxor I caught an early morning flight to Cairo for the day … Continue Reading >>

Thomas Dowson

Archaeology Travel

The head of the Sphinx on the outskirts of Cairo.

Buying a Luxor Pass

Luxor has joined the many great archaeological cities of the World by introducing a Luxor Pass for visitors. Pass holders have access to all archaeological sites and museums in Luxor, on both the East and West Banks. For further details on where and how to buy the Luxor Pass, the price of the ticket and other important information … Continue Reading >>

Thomas Dowson

Archaeology Travel

The Luxor Pass, for sites on the east and west bank of Luxor, Egypt.

Cruising the Nile on the Oberoi Philae

Having now done it twice, in my opinion, there really is only one way to see the wonderful archaeological sites along the Nile. By taking a cruise, up or down the Nile. Make this a trip of a lifetime, and take a luxury cruise on the Oberoi Philae … Continue Reading >>

Thomas Dowson

Archaeology Travel

The luxury Nile cruise ship, the Oberoi's Philae.