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One of England’s Home Counties, Berkshire is perhaps best known for possessing one of the country’s primary royal residences, Windsor Castle. First built in the 11th century, this fortification has been home to the English (and later British) monarch since the 12th-century reign of King Henry I. Berkshire’s heritage stretches back far beyond the Middle Ages, however, reflected in the Iron Age hillforts at Grimsbury Castle and Walbury Camp, as well as the later Roman villa at Littlecote. In addition to the castle at Windsor, which has been much altered since the medieval period, visitors to Berkshire can also explore Donnington Castle, built in the 14th century and besieged during the English Civil War. Berkshire is similarly home to several interesting museums, including the town museums of Reading and Slough and the unique Museum of English Rural Life.

Archaeology & History Sites in Berkshire

Windsor Castle

One of the most famous buildings in England, Windsor Castle remains a key residence of the British monarch. Originally a Norman motte-and-bailey structure created in the 11th century, it was one of a ring of fortifications surrounding London. Henry I was the first king to reside at the castle, which soon came under the control of the monarchy. Throughout the later Middle Ages, it underwent significant expansion and withstood attacks on multiple occasions.

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Museums & Art Galleries in Berkshire

Reading Museum

The Reading Museum began in 1883 when a collector donated his private museum, a collection of objects from around the world, to Reading. Since then the Museum has grown and come to focus on the natural and social history of the local area. Of particular note is the Silchester Gallery, a collection of artefacts excavated from the Roman town of Silchester, including the famous Silchester eagle. The museum has a large collection of artefacts from West and South Africa, North America and South America and South East Asia.