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Interactive Map of Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in England

Search the map below for the kind of archaeological and historical sites you want to visit. Soon, we will be launching a new feature whereby you can curate your own itineraries from this map. Interested? Then sign up for the newsletter below, in which we keep our readers informed of updates.

We add new points of interest as often as we can. Currently, as of 5 August 2020, the map includes 1135 points of interest (previously, 1051 on 31 July). Check back at least once a week for further additions.

Find Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in England

Prehistoric sites (Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age) are marked with red pins on the map, Romano-British with green pins, Medieval (Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Plantagenet) with light blue, Early Modern (Tudor and Stuart) with pink, Modern (Georgian and Victorian) with purple, 20th Century/Historic with yellow. Museums and theme parks are marked with dark blue pins … More Information/Timeline >>

Search the country or choose a county
Your first view of the map below will include all the points of interest (POIs) we have for England on our database. You can narrow this down to see all the POIs in a single county. This can be done by selecting a county in the filter above the top left corner of the map. Simply choose the county in the dropdown list and all the sites and museums and other landmarks we have included on this map will be displayed.

Return the filter to ‘All’ and scroll down to carry out more advanced searches of what is included on this map.

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To make a straight-forward location-based search
1. Enter a location’s name. This can be a city or a town name (London, Barnard Castle), or a place name (Stonehenge, Maiden Castle). Choose a radius, say 1 or 5 miles if you are looking for sites and museums within walking distance, 10 miles if you are cycling, or 50 miles if you have a car. Then click ‘search’. All the POIs in our database, that are within the specified radius of where you searched from will be displayed on the map. This circular search area is shaded and a larger red marker will indicate the centre of your search area as a reference point.

2. If you are in England you can also do a search for all the sites within a defined radius of your location. To do this simply click on the locator icon (at the right hand side of the field with ‘ENTER A LOCATION’), choose a radius as above and then click search. All the sites and museums and other points of interest included on the map within your specified radius will be displayed, as above.

Refine Your search with keywords/by county
Your location based searches can be refined to show a subset of POIs found throughout the country or in one county. For instance, if you are visiting or are in Nottingham and you only want to visit Roman sites with a 100 mile radius, you would follow the steps above (choosing Nottingham as the location, 100 miles for the radius) and add the word ‘Roman’ to the keyword field. Leave the category field at ‘All’ (that is the entire country). This will show all the Roman sites in England within a 100 mile radius of Nottingham. Changing the category to Nottinghamshire (or another county) will only display those Roman sites that are within a 100 mile radius and in Nottinghamshire (or another country if you chose another).

You can search for POIs within a selected radius in a chosen county without defining a keyword – if you want to see all the POIs within that radius, within a single county.

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