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In the moors of Northumberland, England’s most northerly county, you will find a rich selection of prehistoric sites. From Early Neolithic long barrows like the Devil’s Lapful to stone circles such as the Duddo Five Stones. From Bronze Age burial mounds known as the Five Barrows to the hillfort of Dod Law. As well as several sites with cup and ring rock art. Situated at was the northern border of the Roman Empire, Northumberland is also home to much of Hadrian’s Wall and thus a wide range of structures that served the Roman military. Sites still visible today include the forts at Corbridge and Chesterholm, the Brunton Turret, and the temple of the god Mithras at Carrawburgh. Later in time the region formed part of the contested borderland between England and Scotland, medieval castles such as Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh are a testimony to these conflicts. Hexham Abbey is one of many important religious sites in the area.

Archaeology & History Sites in Northumberland

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