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West Sussex
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Formed by the partition of Sussex into two administrative halves in 1974, West Sussex is home to one of the oldest archaeological locations in Britain, the Palaeolithic site at Boxgrove. Later in prehistory, the area witnessed the construction of various round barrows and hillforts along the stunning South Downs, while in the Roman period it produced some of the grandest houses in the island, most notably Fishbourne Palace. The area gained its name from the South Saxons who settled there in the early middle ages, while later in the period saw revived urban expansion, including at what is now the county town of West Sussex, Chichester. The heritage of this county is maintained by both a thriving range of small, independent museums and a couple of large, open-air museums.

Archaeology & History Sites in West Sussex

Bignor Roman Villa

Situated in the heart of the South Downs National Park is Bignor Roman Villa. Amongst the features on display is one of the longest villa corridors in the UK, and only a third of it has been exposed; a dining room with a hypocaust floor; and some of the finest mosaics in England. The walls and mosaic floors of the Villa were discovered over 200 years ago and are still covered by the original Georgian buildings constructed to protect the mosaics; these unique buildings have their own historical significance.

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Museums & Art Galleries in West Sussex

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