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Museums & Art Galleries in Jura

Abbey Museum, Saint-Claude

The 15th – 18th century Abbey of Saint-Claude has been recently renovated to provide the home for a new museum of art and medieval history in the Jura area. The basement of the abbey palace now houses important archaeological artefacts from the Abbey of Saint-Claude. One of the many highlights of the museum is the series of wall paintings in a small chapel that dates to the end of the Middle Ages.

Jura Archaeological Museum

Musée d’archéologie du Jura not only exhibits the archaeology of the Jura, from the Palaeolithic to the medieval, it also exhibits the geological history of the Jura mountains – so some 400 million years of history from the creation of the Jura mountains, the dinosaur remains that have been found in the area, to the humans who have inhabited the Jura mountains from earliest times to the recent past.