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Exploring the past in Germany

Few other countries have a prehistory and history as rich and complex as you will encounter in Germany. From the Neanderthals who made some of Europe’s oldest Ice Age art to the Iron Age Celts and their exquisite gold work, from the Hanseatic League of the Middle Ages to the 20th Century and the Third Reich, the historic highlights of Germany are being discovered by more and more visitors each year. Whatever your interest in archaeology and history, in Germany you will be spoilt for choice with Roman forts, Charlemagne’s Aachen, Gothic castles and churches, Bach’s Leipzig, the Berlin Wall and some of the finest museums and art galleries in the world.

Christmas Markets in Germany, 2020

Christmas markets have been associated with the German speaking parts of Europe since the 13th century. Today they are popular attractions, some drawing in millions of visitors during the Advent period in December. Besides being wonderful destinations to brighten up a wintery weekend, many Christmas market towns in Germany have fascinating histories. Use our guide to find the Best Christmas Markets in Germany 2019 for History Lovers >>


Archaeological and historical sites and museums in German are divided by state, of which there are 16:
Baden-Württemberg | Bavaria | Berlin | Brandenburg | Bremen | Hamburg | Hesse | Lower Saxony | Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania | North Rhine-Westphalia | Rhineland-Palatinate | Saarland | Saxony | Saxony-Anhalt | Schleswig-Holstein | Thuringia

Berlin's 'Topography of Terror'

Berlin has many landmarks relating to the Third Reich, World War II and the ensuing Cold War. Many of these are amongst the city’s most popular attractions. A more recent addition to the various monuments and memorials people visit in Berlin associated with this period of history is Topographie des Terrors – the very centre of the Nazi’s persecution machine. ... Continue Reading >>

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One of two arches of the Roman Pont Flavian in Provence.

Buying Tickets for Museuminsel & Museums in Berlin, 2019

The UNESCO listed Museuminsel includes five museums housing a number of national, internationally renowned collections of antiquities from around the world. Whether you want to see the collections in only one/two or want to see as much as you can, there are a number of ticketing choices available. From single entry tickets to each of the museums to passes and cards for the Museum Island five and other museums and attractions in Berlin ... Continue Reading >>

Thomas Dowson

Archaeology Travel

One of two arches of the Roman Pont Flavian in Provence.
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