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The Baroque Nymphenburg Palace in Munich at night.

Exploring the Past in Bavaria

Museums in Bavaria

Kelten Römer Museum Manching (Celtic Roman Museum, Manching)

The Bavarian town of Manching is situated on what was a large, late Iron Age city-like settlement – the Oppidum of Manching. Excavations have recovered spectacular Celtic artefacts, including a hoard of 483 Celtic gold coins. The Iron Age settlement was founded in the 3rd century BC and abandoned in the mid 1st century BC. The strategic position made the site attractive to the Romans. Today, the Celtic Roman Museum in Manching showcases the best artefacts from the Iron Age and Roman periods of the area … [Website].

Archäologische Staatssammlung, München (State Archaeology Collection of Bavaria)

Founded in 1885, the State Archaeology Collection of Bavaria is one of the largest and most important archaeological collections in Germany; it is divided into five areas, namely prehistory, Roman, Medieval, the Mediterranean and numismatics. The museum, with extensive permanent exhibits is located in central Munich in walking distance of the Marianplatz, and is open to the public everyday except Mondays. Just opened to the public are the recently refurbished Roman galleries, covering 300 square metres of display space … [Website]

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