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Interactive Map of Germany

Use the interactive map to search for archaeology and history sites and museums, landmarks and memorials and other historical points of interest around the country.

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Your first view of the map includes all the points of interest (POIs) we have added to our database for Germany. As of 5 September there are 376 POIs (1/9: 267). We have a set programme for adding new sites; so return regularly for updates.

Search By State

You can narrow down the initial display of POIs by specifying a state. But bear in mind, if you are searching at the border of a state, you will not see POIs the other side of your chosen state.

To do this, click on ‘All’ at the top left and choose the state you wish to see.

To make a straight-forward location-based search

1. Enter a location’s name. This can be a city or a town name (Berlin, Wismar), or a place name (Museumsinsel, Cologne Cathedral). Choose a radius, such as 1 or 5 km if you are looking for sites and museums within walking distance, 10 kilometres if you are cycling, or 50 kilometres if you have a car. Then click ‘search’. All the POIs in our database, that are within the specified radius of where you searched from will be displayed on the map. This circular search area is shaded and a larger red marker will indicate the centre of your search area as a reference point.

2. If you are in Germany you can also do a search for all the sites within a defined radius of your location. To do this simply click on the locator icon (at the right hand side of the field with ‘ENTER A LOCATION’), choose a radius as above and then click search. All the sites and museums and other points of interest included on the map within your specified radius will be displayed, as above.

Refine Your search with keywords

Your location based searches can be refined to show a subset of POIs found throughout the country or in one state. For instance, if you are visiting or are in Cologne and you only want to visit Roman sites with a 100 kilometre radius of that city, you would follow the steps above (choosing Cologne as the location, 100 km for the radius) and add the word ‘Roman’ to the keyword field. Leave the category field at ‘All’ (that is the entire country). This will show all the Roman sites in Germany within a 100 kilometre radius of Cologne. Changing the category to North Rhine-Westphalia (or another state) will only display those Roman sites that are within a 100 kilometre radius and in North Rhine-Westphalia (or another state if you chose another).