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The 18th century Ludwig Church in Saarbrücken.

Exploring the Past in Saarland

Prehistoric Sites in Saarland

European Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim

The German-French border between Gersheim (Saarland) and Bliesbruck (Moselle) has a wonderful concentration of Iron Age and Roman archaeological sites. Consequently the European Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim is a cross-border venture between the two countries. The park is well set up for visitors. On view are excavations and reconstructions of Iron Age and Roman villages, an Iron Age tomb and a Roman villa. Photograph © Anna16 [Website]

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Roman Sites in Saarland

Nennig Roman Villa

In 1852 a farmer came across tesserae while he was digging a pit. This led to the discovery of the Roman villa, and one of the most outstanding mosaic floors north of the Alps. At 15.65 x 10.30 metres, this mosaic is certainly one of the biggest. The mosaic depicts the various activities that take place in the amphitheatres, including a somewhat graphic scene of gladiators fighting each other, men hunting wild animals, as well as animals hunting other animals. Also, on the edge of town there is an Iron Age tumulus. [Website]

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Museums in Saarland

Saarbrücken Museum of Prehistory and Early History

Located near the Saarbrücken castle, the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte displays archaeology of the Saarlandes region, from early Stone Age hand axes to more recent Medieval brooches made of gold and using semi-precious stones. Not to be missed is Celtic gold jewellery from the grave of a prince, the colourful wall paintings recovered from the Roman villa in nearby Mechern, and the collection of Roman statuary. Besides these permanent exhibitions, temporary displays show recently excavated artefacts from the region. [Website]

Allhallows Museum in Honiton, East Devon.
Saarbrücken Schlosskirche Museum

The Castle Church was substantially renovated and modernised, and then reopened in 2004. Now a state-of-the-art museum, with innovative digital and interactive displays, the museum exhibits Medieval sacred art, with a variety of objects dating from the 13th to 19th century. Highlights of the collection include Baroque stained-glass windows, and the beautifully decorated tombs of nobles. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of sacred art, and it frequently stages concerts performed by the local music school. [Website]

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