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Martin Luther Statue in the Market Square of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Map of Germany showing the position of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Exploring the Past in Saxony-Anhalt

Saxony-Anhalt is home to the Nebra Sky Disk, an extraordinary prehistoric object made of bronze with gold inlay. Much more recent in time, here you will also find over 80 Romanesque cathedrals, churches, abbeys and imperial palaces to explore. The Holy Roman Emperor Otto I and his wife Editha are buried in the Magdeburg Cathedral, the oldest Gothic cathedral in Germany. And there is a lot more. Saxony-Anhalt is Martin Luther’s ‘cradle of the Reformation’. In the city of Dessau the Bauhaus movement reached its heyday, before the school was closed by the National Socialists in 1931. With all this history, and more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other state, it is not surprising that Saxony-Anhalt is known as the cultural and historical heart of Germany.

Sightseeing Tours & Activities in Saxony-Anhalt