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Exploring the Past in Schleswig-Holstein

Discover Hanseatic Lubeck

As the ‘Queen of the Hanseatic League’, Lübeck was the most powerful member city of the Hansa Medieval trade network. Despite suffering considerable damage during World War Two, the old city has retained much of its Medieval character. In 1987 historic quarter of Lübeck was added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Winding streets many still lined with the 15th and 16th centuries residences of wealthy merchants, the original salt storehouses from which many of these traders made their fortunes, the impressive Holstentor city gate, the seven spires of Lübeck are just some of the must-see historical attractions.

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Museums in Schleswig-Holstein

Wikinger Museum Haithabu – Hedeby Viking Museum

On the banks of a navigable inlet, the Schlei, and near the Medieval city of Hedeby (Haithabu or Haddeby) this museum focusses on the Viking history of the region. Following a major refurbishment in 2010, the museum now presents over one hundred years of archaeological research on the Vikings. From the museum reconstructions of thatched roof Viking Age houses can be seen, and visited. During the summer months, the museum hosts demonstrations of crafts and skills, from bread making to iron working and wool dying. [Website]

Reconstructed thatched roof houses © Wikinger Museum Haithabu
Friesisches Museum, Niebüll

A two-hundred year old long house, that was until 1929 a functioning agricultural residence, is the setting for a local history museum with an impressive exhibition of ethnographic artefacts. The collection has its origins when in 1864 Friedrich August Feddersen, a local pastor, began collecting objects of local Frisian life and culture. Today these objects are displayed in various living spaces and stables of the 23-metre longhouse to give an idea of Frisian daily life, from an extensive set of kitchen appliances to the tools that were used in roofing. Photograph © Frerk Dörband [Website]

The 200 year old longhouse in Niebüll, Friesisches Museum.

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