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Exploring the past in Greece

From the Acropolis in Athens to Knossos on the island of Crete, Greece has some of the world’s most fascinating archaeological sites. Places that have fuelled fertile imaginations for centuries, and filled glass cabinets around the world. Not surprising then that Greece is a popular tourist destination, particularly for those who enjoy exploring history and around 700,000 years worth of history to explore. There are as many spectacular historical sites to visit on the islands as there are on the mainland.

This page provides information archaeological sites and museums in Greece.
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Visiting Sites and Museums in Greece in 2021

Although Greece opened her borders to tourists on 14 May 2021, certain restrictions still apply. For all those who can enter the country you are required to complete a Passenger Traveller Locator Form. All the necessary information for arrivals by land, sea and air are available in English, French and German on the Greek Government's Official Website. Further advice for travellers is available on the National Public Health Organisation's Website.

Outdoor archaeological sites have been open for a few weeks, and as of 14 May 2021 indoor museums were able to open their doors to the public. These venues are required to follow state guidelines for the safety of staff and visitors. Consequently certain facilities and services may not be offered, and visitors are required to observe certain measures. Read more about the guidelines in place for visiting sites and museums in 2021.

Some of the Museums in Greece Now Open

Three typical Cycladic figurines in the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.

Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

Entrance to the Acropolis Museum at dusk, Athens

Acropolis Museum, Athens

The Phiastos Disc on display in the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, Crete.

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, Crete

The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture in Athens.

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, Athens

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City Guides for History Lovers

The Greek National Guard in traditional costume, Athens.

Athens: the Ancient Capital of Europe

With over 6,000 years of history Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Often said to be the cradle of western democracy, it was here in the 5th century BC that political thought, drama, art, philosophy, science and architecture came together during a period known as the ‘Golden Age of Pericles’. Over the centuries since numerous conquerors have occupied the city and left their mark with more splendid monuments. The contemporary urban setting of modern-day Athens is like a palimpsest, reflecting this exciting often turbulent history … Continue Reading >>

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Mainland Greece is a rugged, mountainous peninsular jutting out into the Aegean sea, surrounded by some 1,400 islands.

Highlights of Greece: Popular Historical Attractions