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Interactive Map of Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in Greece

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Find Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in Greece

As of 9 February 2021 there are 233 sites marked on this map. We have a set programme for adding new sites, return for regular updates. With this map you can make location-based and keyword searches for sites and museums that interest you.

To make a Straight-Forward Location-Based Search

1. Enter a location’s name at SEARCH FROM. This can be a city or a town name (Athens, Chania), or a place name (Acropolis, Knossos). Choose a radius, say 1 or 5km if you are looking for sites and museums within walking distance, 10km if you are cycling, or 50km if you have a car. Click SEARCH and all the points of interest within the radius you have chosen that are included on our map will be displayed. A large red marker will indicate the centre of your search area as the reference point, and radiating black rings will indicate the distance from that point.

If there are no sites on our maps within your chosen area, you will see the following error message:
There are no sites on this map within your chosen search radius. RESET the search and select a larger radius.
NB: You must reset the search function before choosing another radius.

2. If you are in Greece, you can click on the locator icon (to the left of the radius options) to see sites within a chosen radius of your location. First choose the radius from the dropdown menu then click the locator icon, and all the sites and museums and other points of interest included on our map within your chosen radius will be displayed, as above.

Refine Your Search Using keywords

Your location based searches can be refined to show a subset of points of interest. For instance, if you are in Athens and you would like to visit museums in Athens, you would follow the steps above and add the word museum to the KEYWORD field. Or add the word roman if you only want to visit Roman sites.

NB: To make keyword-based searches you will always need to add in a location. For example, if you want to see the location of all museums on this map: enter Athens, Greece in the SEARCH FROM field, museum in the KEYWORD field and select a radius of 500km; this will cover the entire country. Click SEARCH, and all the museums in Greece that are on this map will be displayed.