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Interactive Map of Delos

The following map shows a suggested route through the archaeological site of Delos, for those looking for a self guided tour of the island. If you are planning a trip to Delos, we have all the information you need: from getting to Delos, buying tickets for Delos, booking ferry tickets in advance, etc.

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Click on a marker to reveal what it is, or check the list below. Also, click on ‘satellite’ in the top left to get a satellite view of the archaeological site. Then drag the yellow pegman on to the map and drop it on the blue dots to see 360° panoramic photos at that spot.

1. Agora of the Competaliasts
2. The house of Dionysos
3. The house of Cleopatra
4. House of Trident
5. Theatre
6. Hostel
7. The house of masks
8 The house with the dolphins
9. Temple of Hercules
10. Zeus and Athena
11. Temple of Hera
12. Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods
13. Sanctuary of the Syrian Gods
14. House with the Hermae
15. Gymnasium

16. Stadium
17. Stadium Quarter
18. Synagogue
19. Sacred Lake
20. Wall of Triarius
21. Lake Agora
22. Lake Palestra
23. Granite Palestra
24. Lake House
25. Naxian Lions
26. Temple of Leto
27. Agora of the Italians
28. Shops
29. Minoan Fountain
30. Monument of Carystuis

31. Stoa of Antigonuas Gonatas
32. Treasuries
33. Stoa of Artemision
34. Temple of Artemis
35. Colossus of the Naxians
36. Mycenean Ruins
37. Temple of Apollo
38. Temple of Athenians
39. The Delians Temple of Apollo
40. Base of the Colossus of the Naxians
41. Sacred Way
42. Portico of Philip v
43. South Portico
44. Sacred Port
45. Commercial Port