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Interactive Map of Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in Portugal

Summer 2020 Travel to Portugal

The Portuguese Tourist Board have instituted a ‘Clean & Safe’ label for tourism companies. These stamps of approval are only awarded to businesses who provide anything from activities to accommodation and have demonstrated that they are compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements set out by the health authorities in Portugal. For your own assurances, you can read more about the scheme here. The tourism board in Portugal also has pages that have more specific information and FAQs about regulations and measures for travelling to Portugal and health advice while in Portugal as a visitor.

Search the map below for the kind of archaeological and historical sites you want to visit. Soon, we will be launching a new feature whereby you can curate your own itineraries from this map. Interested? Then sign up for the newsletter below, in which we keep our readers informed of updates.

We add new points of interest as often as we can. Currently, as of 17 August 2020, the map includes 462 points of interest. Check back at least once a week for further additions.

Find Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in Portugal

Pink Markers are used for the locations of Prehistoric sites, Purple markers for Iron Age sites, Green markers for Roman sites, Red markers for Medieval castles of various types, Yellow Markers for Medieval watchtowers, Light-Blue Markers for Medieval tower houses and Dark Blue Markers are used for museums.

With this map you can make location-based and keyword searches for sites and museums that interest you.

To make a straight-forward location-based search
1. Enter a location’s name. This can be a city or a town name (Lisbon, Evoramonte), or a place name (Belem Tower, Evora Roman Temple). Choose a radius, say 1 or 5km if you are looking for sites and museums within walking distance, 10km if you are cycling, or 50km if you have a car. Click ‘search’ and all the points of interest included on the map will be displayed. The search area is shaded and a larger red marker will indicate the centre of your search area as a reference point.

2. Alternatively, if you are in Portugal, click on the locator icon (at the right hand side of the field with ‘ENTER A LOCATION’), choose a radius as above and then click search. All the sites and museums and other points of interest included on the map within your specified radius will be displayed, as above.

Refine Your search with keywords
Your location based searches can be refined to show a subset of points of interest. For instance, if you are visiting or are in Evoramonte and you only want to visit Roman sites, you would follow the steps above and add the word ‘Roman’ to the keyword field. Or add the word ‘castelo’ if you only want to visit castles.

Please note: you will always need to add in a location. So to carry out a keyword-defined search for the entire country, enter ‘Tomar, Portugal’ as the location and select 300km as the radius.

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