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New York
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Haudenosaunee and Algonquian speaking tribes inhabited what is now New York State long before the arrival European settlers. Their history is accessible in the many museums and cultural centres around the state. After being established as a British colony in the 17th century, and named after England’s then Duke of York, the state became one of the most culturally and politically diverse of the nation’s 13 states. Whether your interests are in colonial or immigrant history, civil rights or the revolutionary war, the state and city of New York has much to offer with 22 National Parks, four National Heritage Areas, 27 National Natural Landmarks, 262 National Historic Landmarks, and over 5,000 listings on the National Register of Historic Places.

A - Z of Sites & Museums in New York City

Archaeology & History Sites in New York State

Harriet Tubman National Historic Site

The ‘Moses of her people’, Harriet Tubman’s life and accomplishments are explored through this historical park. The park looks at her time as a conductor on the Underground Railroad and those that surrounded her. Her family home and church make up the bulk of this park, as well as a home for elderly former slaves which she founded and spent the last days of her life.

Springwood - Home Of Franklin D Roosevelt

The ‘summer white house’ during FDR’s presidency, the US’s 32nd President’s home is preserved as a historical site commemorating his life. Springwood was Roosevelt’s home throughout his life, a place of retreat which he could bring politicians and foreign dignitaries, including the Queen of England. Roosevelt’s role in WWII, the Great Depression, and his life as a disabled man are all themes shown throughout the house.

Museums & Art Galleries in New York State

New York State Museum

Founded in 1836 to document the mineral wealth of the state of New York, the museum today presents visitors with the natural and cultural history of the state. the range of exhibits and objects on display is therefore quite varied. From the skeleton of a mastodon to a fire engine. From a reconstruction of an Iroquoian longhouse to a fully functional early 20th century carousel. There are a number of permanent exhibitions, including the geology of the Adirondacks, the Native peoples of New York and on the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre.