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The largest state in the coterminous United States, Texas is also one of the most independent-minded. Located in the south-central region, it takes its name from the Caddo word for ‘allies’. The Caddo were just one of various indigenous groups who once predominated here, alongside others like the Apache, Tigua, and Kickapoo. Spanish explorers entered the area in the 16th century and subsequently established various settlements and Roman Catholic missions. In 1821 it became part of the newly created Mexico, although in 1835 Anglo-American settlers spearheaded the Texas Revolution to establish their own Texan Republic, which joined the U.S. as its 28th state in 1845. Many indigenous communities were subsequently removed to ‘Indian Territory’ in modern Oklahoma.

Archaeology & History Sites in Texas

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Museums & Art Galleries in Texas

Briscoe Western Art Museum

In what was the original San Antonio Public Library is today the Briscoe Western Art Museum. Through the use of various media, sculpture and artefacts, sketches and paintings, the museum tells the stories of the cowboys, the vaquero and the Native Americans of the American West. The collections of the museum include historic and contemporary art and artefacts. A number of permanent galleries explore various themes in the history of the American West as well as showcasing the work of contemporary artists. One of the highlights of the museum is a 1976 reconstruction of a Wells-Fargo stagecoach.