Measuring our visitors
Visitors to Archaeology Travel are tracked using Google Analytics. This involves recording basic information such as how you arrived at our site, what pages you viewed, as well as some basic information about your computer – such as what country you are in, what device you are using (desktop/laptop/smartphone). All of this information is anonymous – so you or your device can never be identified, just that somebody visited our site.

The information collected via Google Analytics helps to understand what parts of our sites are doing well, how people arrive at our site and so on. Like most websites, we use this information to make our website better. You can learn more about Google Analytics if you wish.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks
These services provide social buttons and similar features which appear on Archaeology Travel – such as the ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons.

To do so code provided by these social networks is embedded. To function these ‘buttons’ generally know if you are logged in. For example Facebook use this to say ‘x of your friends like this’. We do not have any access to that information, nor can we control how those networks use it.

Social networks therefore could know that you’re viewing Archaeology Travel, if you use their services (that is not to say they do, but their policies may change). Archaeology Travel is entirely inoffensive, so this should never be a concern for most, if not all, users.

Discussion comments
To allow visitors to comment on blog articles, you are required to add an email address.

If you sign up for a service
When you sign up for any of any services, paid or free, we will record specific personal information about you, such as your name and email address.

We will also collect and store information about your use of our services so as to improve them. For example, we keep a log of what features are being used at any time.

We also log account and transaction history for accounting purposes, and to monitor our business activities.

We may send you email notifications regarding your service (such as invoices) or which you have specifically requested (such as newsletters or notifications when a report is completed). You have the ability to opt out of any of this communication at any time.

We will never provide your personal information or email address to any third parties except where they are specifically employed to help deliver our own services, as detailed above.

Cookies & Advertising

To pay for the upkeep of this website visitors to Archaeology Travel will see revenue earning adverts created by third party advertisers (GetYourGuide, Google Ads, Amazon and English Heritage being more common examples). Buying products or services in this way come at no extra cost to you, Archaeology Travel simply gets a small commission for having delivered you to these third-party advertisers and their partners.

Some of these third-party advertisers make use of cookies to better serve adverts based on your previous visits to this and other websites on the internet. The use of the so-called DoubleClick cookie by Google for example, enables Google and its partners to serve relevant adverts based on your internet browsing patterns.

You are free to opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting your Ads Settings in your browser (more information), or you can opt out of third-party advertisers’ use of cookies in interest-based advertising by visiting


While every effort is made to ensure all the information published on Archaeology Travel is accurate and up to date, we are not liable for any errors or incompleteness of the information provided. Archaeology will not be held liable for claims or the validity of the information provided on the website.


All material on the website is the copyright of Archaeology Travel, unless otherwise stated.

Unauthorized duplication of any material can be punishable by existing and future International laws pertaining to the protection of published and electronically transmitted material.

Archaeology Travel retains the right to establish links in and out of individual pages as may seem fit.

No downloading of the artwork, copy or duplication of the material on the web site is allowed without the permission of Thomas Dowson.

Any Questions, or Incorrect Information?

Have you found incorrect information on website? Or if you have questions, please get in touch via the contact page.

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