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The Doom Painting of St Thomas’ Church, Salisbury

The Doom Painting of St Thomas’s Church in Salisbury is the largest and best preserved in the UK. Painted around 1470, it was covered with lime whitewash during the Reformation and not seen again until 1819. Now following its most recent restoration in 2019 it is back to its vibrant, detailed glory and is essential viewing for anyone visiting Salisbury.

What Are Doom Paintings?

Complete St Thomas Doom Painting Salisbury
The chancel arch of St Thomas's with its Doom Painting - the largest and best preserved in England. © Richard Avery / Wikimedia

History and Restoration of St Thomas’s Doom Painting

The St Thomas Doom Painting

St Thomas Church Salisbury
The nave of St. Thomas’s Church is decorated with this incredible Doom Painting. © Johan Bakker / Wikimedia
St Thomas Spandrel Left
A close up of the left hand side spandrel, where you can see the righteous ascending into the Kingdom of Heaven.
St Thomas Spandrel Right
On the spandrel to right of the nave we see sinners being dragged into the mouth of hell.

What Else is There to See in St Thomas’s Church?


Opening Hours

The church is open to visitors from 09h00 to “early evening”, according to the website.

Ticket Prices


Although St Thomas’s Church is a typical historic building, with low level light in some places and uneven floors, ramps have been installed to enable wheelchair users to access most parts of the church. A hearing loop has been fitted for services and events.

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