Nîmes, in the south of France, has a wealth of cultural heritage, ranging from the magnificent Roman buildings of the Arena and Pont du Gard, to museums of both fine and contemporary art, natural history and traditional French bullfighting. It is a fantastic place for a long weekend break for the culture lover who enjoys their culture in a beautiful and sunny location, with plenty of cafes, parks and a Medieval old town of narrow winding streets.

The amphitheatre in Nimes against a blue sky.
The Roman amphitheatre is just one of the many places you can visit with the Nîmes City Pass.

The city offers several passes to access it’s cultural venues, including the brand new Nîmes City Pass, and many visitors want to know if it is cost effective to buy the pass or visit sites and pay separately for each. Here we have a look at the pass to help you make a decision.

Roman sites

It would be impossible to visit Nîmes without visiting its Roman buildings. These are central to the city and are so stunning that a visit is practically a requirement. The following are all included in the pass –

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The amphitheatre in Nimes against a blue sky.

Arènes de Nîmes (Amphitheatre)

The Carree Maison temple against a blue sky.

Le Carrée Maison (The Temple)

A Roman tower, the Tour Magne, against a blue sky.

Tour Magne (A Roman tower with views over the city)

The garden of the Musee Romanity with trees and a blue sky.

Musée de la Romanité (The archaeological museum)

The Pont du Gard Roman bridge near Nimes against a blue sky.

Pont du Gard (The aqueduct bridge about 23km outside the city)

Other Cultural Sites

Nîmes also has several museums which are included in the pass –

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A close up of a brightly coloured painting in the museum.

Musée des Beaux Arts (Museum of Fine Art)

The modern outside of the Contemporary Art Museum in Nimes.

Carée d’Art (Contemporary Art Museum)

The garden outside the Museum of Old Nimes.

Musée de Vieux Nîmes (Museum of Old Nîmes)

Inside an orange room at the Museum of Bullfighting in Nimes.

Musée des Cultures Taurines (Museum of Bullfighting)

The outside of the Natural History Museum.

Musée d’histoire Naturelle (Natural History Museum)

The City Pass is available for periods of 2 days, 4 days or 7 days. The 2 day pass does not include a visit to the Pont du Gard as you would be unlikley to find the time to fit that in with everything else within just two days.

In addition to all of the sites listed above, the City Pass also includes a choice of a guided tour around the city, or a trip on the little tourist train, which travels around the city. Both of these are subject to dates and times.

The 2 day pass

Inside a banqueting room of the Sacra Infermeria, showing the elaborate decorations.

The 4 and 7 day pass

A table showing the prices for the 4 day or 7 day pass.

These savings are based on the adult price tickets only

As the tables show, there are significant savings to be had by buying the pass.

The best thing about Nîmes is that, other than the Pont du Gard, everything is within a short distance of each other, and no public transport is required. It is easy to stroll around the city and visit all of these sites, fitting them in between leisurely lunches and a late supper. Their locations also mean that by walking between the sites, you will see all of the best that Nîmes has to offer, as your visits will take you through the vibrant old town as well as the peaceful and leafy parks.

The City Pass is a must for a visit to this beautiful city, the Roman sites and art museums are worth the money alone. The passes also provide a 5% discount at the Tourist Office shop, where they sell some quality souvenirs rather than the usual fare.

It is worth noting that the Roman sites such as the Castellum and Port Augusta are free to view, being open air and set back from pavements. The cathedral and churches are also free to enter when they are open and no services are taking place.

Where to buy the pass

Tickets can be bought online from Nîmes Tourist Office
Buy in person from Nîmes Tourisme at 6 Boulevard des Arenes, which is opposite the Arena.