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The entrance to the passage tomb of the Neolithic cairn on the island of Gavrinis.

Entrance to the passage tomb on Gavrinis.

Period: Neolithic
Site: Passage TombThe Gavrinis Cairn with its decorated passage tomb is not only one of the more spectacular Neolithic sites in the Morbihan area, it is also a great day out for the family. Today the cairn is located on a small private island, and the only means of getting there is a short ferry ride from the nearby coastal fishing village of Lamor-Baden. Once on the island a guided tour enables access the passage tomb. A 14 m passage leads to a large chamber that served as a tomb. The chamber is made up of about 50 stones, the largest being the ceiling slab, which is estimated to weigh about 17 tons. Of the 29 stones that make up the passage, 23 have remarkable geometric patterns engraved on their surfaces.

Facilities & Visiting Gavrinis:

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Taking photographs inside the passage tomb is not permitted.

As you need to take a ferry ride out to the island, numbers for each visit are limited. Fortunately you can telephone the Gavrinis ticket office and reserve your place ahead of time (+33 (0)297571938)

Archaeology Traveller’s Tip: If you plan on exploring the megalithic sites of the area get yourself a ‘Pass des Megalithes’. Five sites sites have joined the scheme, and they are the Petit Mont Cairn near the village of Arzon, the Prehistory Museum in Carnac, the megalithic alignments at Carnac, the cluster of megalithic sites at Locmariaquer, and the decorated Cairn on the island of Gavrinis. At the first site you visit, you pay full fair and are given a pass, which you then produce at subsequent sites you visit for a reduction of entrance fee there.

Where is Gavrinis?

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Today, due to sea level rises since Neolithic times, the Gavrinis passage tomb is located on a small island – reached by boat from the town of Larmor-Baden.

Further Information:

Photographs of Gavrinis