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Sansevero Chapel & Guiseppe Sanmartino’s Veiled Christ, Naples

The Sansevero Chapel is inextricably linked to the genius of Raimondo di Sangro, who conceived and commissioned numerous artists to create the complex iconographic cycle contained within. It houses some of the sculptures that have become masterpieces of world art, the most spectacular being the Veiled Christ, the symbol of the city of Naples. My visit to the Chapel allowed me to understand how this is not just a place to contain the masterpieces inside but a unique work of art, capable of telling the visitor about itself through all the elements that compose it. In front of such beauty, it is impossible to remain indifferent. If you are curious to know its history, I attempt to satisfy that curiosity. If you are planning a visit to Naples, I supply the details you should know before you go.

Buying Tickets for Sansevero Chapel

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Visiting Sansevero Chapel

Opening Hours

Daily from 09h00 – 17h30, with last entry at 18h30
Closed on Tuesday

Ticket Prices

Full price: €10
Reduced/10 – 25: €7
Under 9s: free


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The ticket office for the Sanseveo Chapel, and a queue outside the entrance to the chapel.
Left: the ticket office - although you can not buy tickets for the chapel. Right: the queue to get into the chapel itself.

The Sansevero Chapel and its Works

The Veiled Christ

The genius behind the Chapel: Raimondo di Sangro

My Experience

FAQS for Visiting the Sansevero Chapel

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Sansevero Chapel

The origins of the Chapel date back to 1613, when it was erected at the behest of Alessandro di Sangro, while its current appearance is due to Raimondo di Sangro, seventh prince of Sansevero, who conceived the entire iconographic design. The space, consisting of a single nave, houses funerary sculptures dedicated to the family’s ancestors in the side chapels, while the sculptural groups leaning against the pillars are dedicated to the women of the family, representing the various virtues. The complex is a concentration of Neapolitan Baroque, rich in symbolism and detail, and one of the most important museums in Naples. It houses the ‘Veiled Christ’, a sculpture by Giuseppe Sanmartino, which is the most famous masterpiece among the Chapel’s many works.

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