Visiting Teotihuacan in 2023: Tickets & Tips, Guided Tours & Day Trips

Teotihuacán has been captivating people for many years. The vast settlement with its stepped pyramids, temples and platforms lining a central ‘avenue of the dead’ so impressed the Aztecs they named it the place where gods were created. We are still intrigued, and archaeologists continue to debate who built this ancient city. Not surprisingly then, at only 50km northeast of Mexico City Teotihuacán is the most visited site in Mexico. The journey out to the archaeological site only takes about an hour, and can be done using public or private transport, but many opt for a day-trip. Whatever your preference, we provide all the necessary information you need to visit Teotihuacán.

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Visiting the Teotihuacan Archaeological Zone

Opening Hours

The site is open everyday throughout the year: from 09h00 – 17h00
Last entry is at: 15h00

Ticket Prices


There are five gates, each with a ticket office to pay for entry. Each gate has parking facilities (for which there is an extra charge), and all but Gate 4 has toilet facilities. There is a bookshop at Gate 5, where you can purchase books about the site as well as tourist guides.


What is Included in the Cost of Entry Tickets for Teotihuacán

Where is Teotihuacán?

Choose How to Experience Teotihuacán

Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Tours

How to Get to Teotihuacán?

When is the Best Time to Visit Teotihuacan?

What Should I Expect?

What Should I Take?

What Not to Miss

What Else is There to See Near Teotihuacán?

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