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Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli

Of all the Roman Emperors, Hadrian fascinates me the most. Today he is perhaps best known for his association with Hadrian’s Wall, constructed along the northern boundary of Roman Britain. In antiquity he travelled widely...

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My Bucket List: Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Having grown up in Zimbabwe, like many children I went on a school trip to the archaeological site of Great Zimbabwe. I remember little of that trip other than the rain. Well, it was sometime in the first half of the 1970s. A...

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My Bucket List: Machu Picchu

The dramatic location of Machu Picchu makes this one of the World’s most evocative archaeological sites. The image of dry-stone buildings, walls and terraces nestled high amongst peaks of the Andes, swirling with mists and...

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The Great Wall of China

Although I have seen some amazing archaeological sites around the World, there are many more I would like to see. Without any hesitation, at the top of my Archaeology Travel Bucket List has to be the Great Wall of China (and I...

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