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Consultancy, PR & Advertising

Archaeology Travel is an award winning, unique travel website for culturally inspired travellers who specifically enjoy exploring archaeology and history while on their travels. Launched in early 2011, the website offers a niche platform for tourism boards and destination management organisations wanting to promote their destination, as well as brands providing products and services at the intersection of interests in archaeology and history with travel and tourism.

Visitors to the website find a range of regional and thematic guides as well as personal accounts, travel tips and suggestions. These range from a guide to the best sites to see in France, to tips on how to make the most out of a city’s attraction and museum pass scheme, reviews of guidebooks, temporary exhibitions, and tours and day trips, to first hand accounts of the places to stay while exploring sites and museums.

There are a number of opportunities to get your brand in front of this niche audience. These are outlined below, but there is one rule of thumb: your brand, service or product must be related to archaeology/history and travel. As an extreme example, adverts for archaeological trowels would be pointless, but good deals on car hire opportunities for destinations rich in archaeology and history is something some of the readers will be interested in.

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Tourist Boards, DMOs, & PRs

As I provide first hand accounts of my own experiences, that are more akin to what most visitors to a destination are going to experience, I am less interested in generic press trips. Specific opportunities that aim to explore and promote the cultural aspects of a destination that interest me result in more useful content on the website.

Depending on the destination, my aim with each visits is to produce a set of articles that come together to create an informative, unique online travel guide for the archaeology/history of that destination that includes considerable travel tips and personal accounts of my visits. Those guides I have already produced attract good search engine traffic from people specifically searching for history and archaeology of a given area. As I constantly update the evergreen element of my website to keep the guides relevant and in good search engine positions, experience so far suggests that the content I produce remains useful to travellers well beyond the duration and afterglow of the trip itself.

Archaeology Travel is present on all the major social media channels, with a modest, but stable and increasing following of people interesting in this particular niche.

For examples of previous campaigns I have worked on, send me a request.

Museums, Archaeology Sites, & Theme Parks

In putting together this website, I have seen a lot of websites for museums and archaeological sites. Probably more than any of the webmasters creating these websites. I have searched many websites in all languages looking for basic information, such as opening hours or what temporary exhibitions are on. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. If I have to search needlessly for your attraction’s basic information, we can assume people wanting to visit you are also wasting their time. More often than is good, websites are clearly not constructed with visitors in mind.

With my background in archaeology, and specific Media training I am available to review of your attraction’s website. (This is a content/usability review, not the technical aspects of your website.)

If your museum or archaeological site is not already listed, get in touch. Or fill in the details by adding a site or museum.

Accommodation Providers: Hotels, B&Bs, Holiday Cottages

Whether your holiday accommodation is in the heart of Rome or out in the quiet countryside close to interesting but little known archaeological sites, I have access to the guests you want.

With my ‘Archaeologist in Residence’ programme, I can tailor a campaign to use archaeological sites and/or museums near you to promote your establishment to the kind of people who enjoy archaeology on their travels, whether for a weekend break or a long summer holiday.

Or, have an advert (Image and/text) for your accommodation on relevant pages.

Tour Companies &, Travel Services

Each and everyday visitors come to Archaeology Travel using a generic search term such as ‘archaeology tours’. There are also more specific searches, such as ‘archaeology tours Brittany’ or ‘tours of Roman sites southern France’. The exact number of people coming to the website with these kind of search terms is difficult to determine because Google no longer always reveals the search terms people use.

A conservative estimate, based on the number of visitors landing directly on the page Archaeology Tours & Cruises, is that this traffic is at least 5% of all daily traffic.

While people might not come to the website to find travel services such as travel insurance or car hire, the destination guides provide an opportunity to get your travel services and products seen by people planning their holidays.

Before contacting me, please note:

I Do Not:

  • Sell links, no matter how artfully you think you can hide them from search engines
  • Accept guests posts (or what ever term is currently being used for free advertising), with ‘interesting, original content’, that advertise your/your client’s services

Also, any form of compensation will be disclosed and/or made clear to my readers. And, the views expressed in any write-up will be entirely my own. If I do not like a service or product I have agreed to review, I will where appropriate be even handed in how I deal with this. For example, I went on a day-trip that really was not to my liking (partly my fault, as I was able to choose from a range of services on offer). Instead of giving the day-trip a bad review I wrote about the tour thinking of the kinds of people who might benefit/enjoy that particular tour. I thought that was fair.

For further details, information and examples of each of the above opportunities, please contact me by using the contact form below. My ‘Media Pack’ is also available as a PDF, on request. You can email me on:
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I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully working with you.