Laptop and desktop wallpaper for April 2014.

My April choice of wallpaper for your desktops, laptops or mobile devices is a fourteenth century Byzantine fresco on the island of Crete, Greece. A very appropriate choice, as I will be spending two weeks in Greece at the end of April.

An apse with the figure of St Anne and the Virgin in the half dome.

The apse in the Church of the All Holy Virgin.

This particular fresco, although dated to the 14th century AD, can be seen in an 11th century church in the town of Chromonastiri, not that far from Rethymnon. It depicts St. Anne with the Virgin in front of her chest.

One of the reasons Crete is my favourite archaeological destination, is the opportunity to see some extraordinary Byzantine frescoes. An Italian scholar is reported to have recoded over 800 Byzantine churches with wall paintings. That was at the beginning of the twentieth century, and although there are not that many today the island still has an impressive Byzantine heritage. Follow this link for more photographs of Byzantine churches and their frescoes.

Wallpaper for April 2014.

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