Archaeology themed wallpaper for June 2014

For next month’s wallpapers, I have chosen the first pylon of the mortuary temple of Ramses III. This huge, relatively well-preserved temple was the last of the great monumental projects of ancient Egypt’s Pharaonic era. The architecture of the temple complex copies that of Ramses II (known as the Ramasseum), but it is the carved imagery on the walls for which the temple is well known.

Ramses III smiting his enemies, inscribed on the first pylon of Medinet Habu, Luxor.

Ramses III smiting his enemies on the outer surface of the first pylon.

Ramses’s Temple not only mimics the same basic model of that of his predecessor’s mortuary temple, it also copies other basic canon found in Eighteenth Dynasty funerary monuments. The outer walls of these temples depicted the subjugation of foreigners, while the inner restricted parts depicted the world of the gods and divine rituals.

As can be seen in the aerial view of the temple below, the outer walls of the funerary precinct are not that well preserved, but the temple itself is quite well preserved. And it is on the outer walls of the temples that depict Ramses’s various campaigns against the Nubians, Libyans and Sea People.

[mappress mapid=”213 width=”100%”]

The entire precinct measures 210 metres (690 ft) by 300 metres (1,000 ft), with over 7,000 square metres of decorated walls. The temple itself is 150 metres long.
Wallpaper for June 2014, Medinet Habu - Luxor in Egypt.
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