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An Invitation to Tour and Activity Providers
to Partner with Archaeology Travel

The last few years have been difficult for everybody, not least those of us working in the travel industry. Who knows if we will truly see recovery in 2022, or even what recovery will look like. Leading travel industry forecasters predict lasting consequences for all within the industry.

In recognising Archaeology Travel has a role to play contributing to the recovery of the travel industry, we offer our platform to independent providers of archaeological/historical tours and activities. If you provide walking tours, day trips, multi-day trips, or any other activity associated with archaeology and history, we would like to hear from you.

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We invite independent providers of activities that centre on historical attractions around the world to become an Archaeology Travel Partner.

Our Offer

We have been advertising archaeology and history tours to our readers for some time. Although this has involved linking to Online Travel Agencies such as GetYourGuide and Viator, we have also promoted tour providers more directly. In light of the current global situation, we should like to help independent tour providers reach a greater audience for their services.

If you provide exceptional archaeology and history tours, we will help you promote these to our readers.

How do we do this?

We will provide you one page on Archaeology Travel to promote one tour or activity, free of charge. You will have complete control over the details, such as the price, dates, locations etc. Based on what we know works with search engines and people looking for things to do, however, we will provide guidelines to help you craft an original and appealing page for your activity. On that page interested readers will be able to complete an enquiry form that will be sent directly to your nominated email address. You take it from there to close the deal.

Using a short description (around 50 words) and a photograph, we will link to your Archaeology Travel activity page from relevant pages on our website. For example, our Tours and Cruises pages get a lot of traffic, so as a minimum your activity will be on the relevant country/continent page (if it does not exist currently, we will create it and place your activity on the top Tours and Cruises page). We may, at our discretion, also add links to relevant activities on other relevant pages. For example, if you have an activity that centres on an experience at a specific site, if we have a page on that site we may include a link to your activity on that page.

To be clear, our offer is for a single page on Archaeology Travel outlining one activity with a contact form that will deliver enquiries directly to an email address of your choice, and at least one link to that page via a short description and photo from a position of our choosing elsewhere on the website. The offer is for one activity, we are happy to consider adding further activities you provide, but for 2022 there will be a one off cost of €10.

Why Partner with Archaeology Travel

Archaeology Travel is an award winning website that provides accurate and reliable resources for people who enjoy exploring the world’s archaeology and history, whether at home or while travelling. We have often worked with independent tour guides and other service providers to create content aimed at promoting a destination and the activities through which people experience those places and historical attractions.

Archaeology Travel is already a successful travel website, ranking well in online search results and attracting readers who are already buying tours and products we feature. In 2019 the website had just over 600,000 unique visitors and over 1.2 million page views. In the same year we generated over €400,000.00 in sales for our advertisers and partners. While a lot of people come to the website for basic information, such as how to buy tickets, opening hours, etc., a lot of our readers are looking for ideas and inspiration of what there is to do in destinations they are interested in exploring. The main tours and cruises page was one of the top ten pages viewed in 2019.

Quality not Quantity

Your tour’s page on Archaeology Travel will never be drowned out by thousands of other competing pages. We are looking for activity and tour providers who offer exceptional services to their clients. As much as we would like to, we are not able to visit each provider to determine whether we should recommend their tours or not. So we are inviting you to apply if you meet the following criteria – this is how we will determine :

  • You share our commitment to deep travel and responsible travel. If you have a seven hour day tour that visits a few sites for a short period of time, but you spend inordinate lengths of time at lunch restaurants or shops and markets where your clients are expected to buy things, we are unlikely to list that tour. Activities we will list offer an above average experience for the archaeology and history involved. For more about our values, please read our About page >>
  • You have clear and reasonable cancellation and refund policies – you choose what is appropriate for your activity, we ask that you are transparent and communicate the terms clearly and up front to your clients.
  • You will have an online profile (Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor) with public reviews. We will only consider listing those activities and providers with a rating of 80% and above. There will also be evidence of your efforts to address (genuine not malicious) negative aspects to your feedback.
  • You will have the necessary qualifications, licenses and insurances required by the authorities in your destination to offer your activities.

There is no Catch

In partnering with us we will not charge to include your activity on Archaeology Travel for 2022, and depending on how the global situation develops probably not for 2023 either. We will not take any commissions, and will not interfere in the running of your business in anyway. We only ask that you meet the requirements above, provide original content that belongs to you (text and photographs – without copyright issues), and add the ‘Archaeology Travel Partner’ badge (see above, we will supply this) to your website.

Archaeology Travel benefits by having good quality tours and activities to promote to our readers.

If you are interested in partnering with Archaeology Travel, or would like to know more, please fill in the contact form below:

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A Guide to Exploring the Past in Bulgaria.

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Certificate awarded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2017.