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Tucked away in an obscure corner of the magnificent London Guildhall, is the City of London Police Museum. Free to visit, this small museum tells the history of a unique police force which is responsible for law enforcement inside the Square Mile of central London- a mostly business district with few residents but huge amounts of daily workers. Sarah recently visited this museum as part of her mission to visit the free history museums of London.The Square Mile nickname for the City of London is something of a misnomer. It is based on the original Roman walls around Londinium, as although the Roman city was abandoned in the 5th century AD, it was resettled by Alfred the Great in the 9th century AD, and new walls were built on top of the foundations of the Roman walls. You can still [...]

Archaeology Travel | Experience Guédelon Castle - Don't Just Visit | 3
For anyone visiting France for the castles or medieval history, Guédelon is a must. Over 300,000 people visit each year, and for a not insignificant number they have been before – more than once. The castle, strictly speaking a castle fort, even features on niche itineraries that explore castle architecture of the mid 13th century – including the Louvre in Paris. Guédelon clearly keeps good company. But it is not a castle built in the Middle Ages. And it is not a replica of one either. Nonetheless, Guédelon really does have to be experienced, and not just visited.Guédelon re-opens on 1 April 2023 and will close on 5 November 2023. The information on this page was last checked and/or updated on 4 February 2023.The story of how Guédelon came [...]

Archaeology Travel | Is Go City's London Explorer Pass Worth It? | 4
London has some of the finest historical museums, palaces and monuments in the world. Visitors are often overwhelmed by the choice of what to visit during their trip. Equally overwhelming to some is the cost of visiting these attractions. A couple of city passes try to lighten the financial load of spending a few days in this notoriously expensive city, and one of these is the London Pass. Here, Sarah examines how the history buff can get good value for money out of a London Pass while seeing some incredible historical sites and museums.Tower Bridge, often mistaken for London Bridge, an iconic London landmark included in the London Pass.What historical attractions are included in the London Pass?The London pass includes over 80 attractions which include [...]

The glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Musée du Louvre, Paris.
Paris has some of the finest art galleries and museums in the World, as well as a number of iconic monuments and typically Parisian activities. Many of these are the very reason why people visit the French capital. As with visiting more than a few museums and monuments in any city, the price of entry tickets soon starts adding up. To help keep the cost of visiting Paris down, there are two passes available that I recommend. In this post I offer advice and suggestions to help you decide which one to buy: The Paris Pass from Go City and the Paris Museum Pass from the city's InterMusées association.Information in this article was last checked and/or updated on 9 June 2022Paris For BeginnersFirst time in Paris? Overwhelmed [...]

Archaeology Travel | Forts, dragons teeth and pill boxes: Visiting World War II sites in Studland and Swanage. | 5
Every year, Sarah and her son spend a weekend in May in Swanage, a seaside town which still carries many of its memories of World War II. This year, they decided to focus on visiting the fortifications and other remnants of the war, combining a weekend at the seaside with historical exploration.Contents 1. Historical Background 2. Operation Smash and Fort Henry 3. Studland Beaches 4. Peveril Point 5. Visitor InformationContents Contents 1. Historical Background 2. Operation Smash and Fort Henry 3. Studland Beaches 4. Peveril [...]

Archaeology Travel | Visiting Rome's Capuchin Crypt, 2023 | 6
In the centre of Rome is the Capuchin Crypt - officially the Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars, which is at once both shocking and fascinating. A series of small chapels beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini contain the bones and mummified remains of an estimated 4,000 individuals. Far from being a macabre spectacle, the Capuchin order believes the remains of former friars are a silent and poignant reminder of our mortality and the passage of life on Earth.The information and details on this page was last checked and/or updated on 23 January 2023.Recommended Guided Tours of the Capuchin Crypt After a recent make-over, the museum and Capuchin ossuary is becoming a popular attraction in Rome. A popular option for visiting [...]

Archaeology Travel | Exploring Highclere Castle - the Real Downton Abbey | 7
Highclere Castle in Hampshire, now famous for being the main filming location for the series Downton Abbey, is only open to the public for about three months of the year, with tickets often selling out far in advance. After booking months ago, Sarah finally got her long awaited opportunity to visit the castle, and spent a day exploring the site with a friend who is equally fascinated by stately homes, Egyptology and Downton Abbey.The magnificent Highclere Castle, known to so many as Downton Abbey.The day had finally arrived. After booking our tickets in October last year, our eight month wait was over and my friend Clare and I could finally visit Highclere Castle for our much anticipated visit. Famous not just for being the principal filming [...]

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Some of the more popular tourist attractions in England are in the care of English Heritage. These range from prehistoric stone circles, the most famous of which is Stonehenge, to much more recent historical sites such as Charles Darwin's house or 1960s Cold War Bunkers. In all there are over 400 properties in England that are managed by English Heritage. Members of the organisation are given free access to all of these sites. Membership is great for families, a must for travellers, in fact it is perfect for anyone who enjoys visiting archaeological and historic sites and cares about initiatives to protect these. Read on for more about the benefits of joining English Heritage.Until 28 February 2023 readers of Archaeology Travel can get a 15% [...]

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DESTINATION Europe > France > Paris & Île-de-FranceCITY GUIDE ParisSITE DETAILS:One of the most internationally important collections of coins, engraved gems, and antiquities.The Cabinet des Médailles is a department within the national library of France; its collections and displays are located in the Richelieu-Louvois library in Paris.The collection has its origins in the personal [...]