Beta Membership


During Beta Test

As we have only just launched the new website, all users will have a Beta level membership, while we test the functionality of the website. 

Archaeology Travel is more than a collection of articles with useful information. Ours is a truly unique travel website allowing you to benefit from the experience of others and create individualised itineraries that suit your interests. The website will always remain free for all to access and use, but with reasonable limitations. To make use the features available on this website, that is to do anything other than read the information on the pages, you will be required to verify yourself via email.

We are still fine-tuning parts and adding final touches to the system. Specifically, the help system is being developed – as we see how people use the website. We have prepared a simple introduction page that describes the most important features for now. You can find it here.

Currency – called Travel-Coins
Many areas and actions are built on a simple internal currency system. As we test drive its integration during the beta phase we are not limiting or charging for anything. You should always have enough travel-coins to explore and test the various features.

Future Account Options
At the end of the beta phase, users will be automatically moved to the free membership tier. You will have the option to upgrade to other tiers whenever you choose. We will post details about the pricing of the different tiers in good time.