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Red Rocks Rwanda Eco Tours

Integrating tourism, conservation and sustainable community development in and around the Volcanoes National Park

Red Rocks Rwanda is both an Eco tours company and a social enterprise, integrating community, wildlife, tourism and travel. With our community-based cultural initiatives we actively promote sustainable tourism. Our pioneering scheme uses tourism to develop our community and promote our nature preserve. Red Rocks Eco Tours brings communities into the tourism supply chain and supports community development projects that help people help themselves.

Tours We Offer


History & Genocide Memorial Tour of Rwanda

This 2-day tour offers visitors to Rwanda an introduction to the country’s tumultuous past. In particular a glimpse into the darkest chapter of our history, at the same time highlighting the remarkable resilience and progress that has been achieved since 1994. It’s a tour that encourages reflection and empathy, and offers a deeper understanding of the human capacity for healing and reconciliation.

Cultural & Natural Heritage Tour of Rwanda

This tour offers visitors to Rwanda a well-rounded exploration of the country’s past and present. The carefully chosen stops on the itinerary together provide a deeper appreciation for Rwanda’s culture, history and the resilience of its people. This is a journey that combines education, adventure and cultural immersion in one unforgettable 5-day experience.

Culture, History & Nature Tour of Rwanda

This tour combines cultural exploration, historical insights, and encounters with the country’s stunning natural beauty. Our itinerary offers a balanced mix of cultural exploration, historical understanding and nature-based adventure. Over seven days our guides provide a comprehensive and enriching travel experience in this diverse and resilient nation.

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