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Travel Tips for Archaeology and History Sites and Museums Around the World

Tips and information on visiting some of the best archaeology and history sites and museums, from buying tickets for the various sites in Luxor to how to get to the Greek island of Delos, skipping the lines at the Acropolis to what not to miss in Rome.

Eleven Tips for Visiting the Megalithic Temples of Malta & Gozo

Between mainland Europe and Africa in the Mediterranean Sea lies the small island of Malta and its even smaller neighbour Gozo. These islands are best known for their megalithic temples built by Neolithic inhabitants some five to six thousand years ago. UNESCO has classified six of them as part of the ‘Megalithic Temples of Malta’ World Heritage Site. Not surprising then the temples are a popular tourist attraction. Read Ethan’s tips for visiting the megalithic temples on Malta and Gozo.

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Buying a Luxor Pass

As of November 2016, Luxor has joined the many great archaeological cities of the World by introducing a Luxor Pass for visitors. Pass holders have access to all archaeological sites and museums in Luxor, on both the East and West Banks. Read further for details on where and how to buy the Luxor Pass, the price of the ticket and other important information.

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