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Archaeology travel has destination and thematic guides to help you create your own tours. Also on offer are unique tours that explore art in archaeology through the ages.

Where can I take you?

Drawing on my professional background in archaeology and art history, ten years in hospitality, as well as my passion for travel, I offer private, bespoke guided archaeology tours. Explore the archaeological and artistic splendours of France or Roman Britain. From Ice Age cave art of France and Spain to some of the finest Roman villas and their spectacular mosaic floors, as well as such iconic sites as Roman Bath and Hadrian’s Wall with their rich sculptural traditions. Or join me on a once in a lifetime trip to Greece to see how Byzantine art is all but a thing of the past there.

I was talking about you today telling a friend what a great trip I had to France. Just wanted you to know again that it was truly memorable and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Great memories and also for me exposure to history I knew little about. Thanks again sharing your knowledge and putting together a wonderful itinerary.

Chris & Frank

Cave Art in France, July 2015

Where do you want to go?

From Machu Picchu in South America to the Great Wall of China in Far East Asia, Stonehenge in England to Great Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe; the early hominid sites in East Africa to the colonial sites around the World. From the Museum of London to the Acropolis Museum in Athens; from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology in Canada.







Get inspired …

If Archaeology and Travel are two of your passions, then this is the website for you – whether you are looking for local activities for a day out or planning a holiday around exploring some of the fascinating archaeological sites around the World. Here you will find travel tips and ideas for visiting well known sites with new insights, as well as exploring beyond the usual.

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