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frontpage-From Machu Picchu in South America to the Great Wall of China in Far East Asia; Stonehenge in England to Great Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe; the early hominid sites in East Africa to the colonial sites around the World. from the Museum of London to the Acropolis Museum in Athens; from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology in Canada …
Archaeology sites and museums around the World inspire great adventures with the past where ever you travel.


Painted Basketmaker style human figures.Backpacking in Grand Gulch, Utah
When it comes to style of travel, archaeology travel has something for everyone. Whether it is a luxury weekend break in a city or a week backpacking in what appears to us a remote wilderness area, there are almost always fascinating traces of people who have been there before. Having visited the canyonlands of southern Utah on a number of different occasions, I am confident that if backpacking is how you like to experience the past this is an area that will not disappoint. Read more



  • National Prehistory Museum, Les Eyzies, France
  • Museum of London
  • Pointe-à-Callière Museum, Montréal
  • Oriental Institute Museum, Chicago


    The entrance to the Museum of London
    London’s Lost Jewels: The Mystery of the Cheapside Hoard
    Museum of London (England), ends 27 April 2014


    Two Exhibitions: Throne of Emperors & Shi Lu: A revolution in paint
    Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (Wellington), Opens 22 March 2014

    Scenes from the Stone Age: The Cave Paintings of Lascaux
    Houston Museum of Natural Science, ends 23 March 2014

    FROM THE PHOTO ALBUM: Byzantine Church Frescoes on the Island of Crete

    An example of a cross domed church.

    A close up of the wall painting in the apse, showing St. Anne and the Virgin.

    A close up of the figure of Christ.

    The church on the hillside.

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