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Why Are We Here?

In 1982 one of the most influential archaeologists of the 20th century, Kent Flannery, wrote: “What the world wants is for archaeology to teach it something about humanity’s past … They want to hear about Olduvai Gorge, and Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu.”

Nearly four decades later getting to these far-off places is a lot easier, and the journey much more affordable. Increasingly then, people want to be able to see sites such as Machu Picchu and Stonehenge for themselves. And just as more of us are able to travel to distant places so too we are exploring historical and archaeological sites closer to our homes, more so than ever before.

When the idea of Archaeology Travel was conceived in 2010 there was very little information online about visiting archaeology and history. Often what was available was not easy to find, and certainly not very helpful.

Although many attractions now have websites and a presence on social media, in many cases the information is still is not visitor-friendly. For example, while the necessary details required to visit the spectacular Ice Age cave of Font de Gaume are published online what the website omits is that to stand a chance of actually getting a ticket you should join the queue by 7.30 am, even earlier in the peak tourist season. And then what about all the other sites in the area? If you do not know about them it is difficult to find them.

Whereas Archaeology Travel initially aimed to provide basic information about sites in a given area when the website launched in 2011 (to a certain degree this is still relevant), we now also provide practical information about visiting archaeology and history sites. The sort of information you are unlikely to read on the official websites.

The Archaeology Travel website on different devices.

What do we do?

Archaeology Travel is an ethical organisation that encourages responsible and sustainable tourism, with a focus on archaeology and history. We achieve this in three ways: by producing destination guides to a region’s heritage attractions; by recommending themed tours and cruises; and by working with organisations to promote a region’s archaeology and history.

We Produce Destination Guides

Our principal goal is to produce useful destination-specific guides to exploring the past around the world.

At the centre of each of our destination guides is a well-researched list and map of archaeological and historical sites, ordered by period, open to the public. These are supplemented by travel tips and advice based on first-hand experiences of visiting these areas.

Some of our readers relish staying in Parisian luxury hotels while visiting some of the world’s finest museums. Others revel in something a bit more extreme, such as white-water rafting down the Grand Canyon and seeing the ancient mud-built cliff dwellings that are over a thousand years old. Of course there is no reason at all why you cannot enjoy both styles of travel.

We Recommend Tours and Cruises

On Archaeology Travel we partner with certain tour providers to advertise and/or recommend tours and cruises
that have a historical focus. From a cruise down the Nile on the Philae Oberoi to a day trip from Berlin to Potsdam by bus.

We Provide Consultancy Services and Promotional Campaigns

Following over 30 years of academic research in the field of public archaeology we also consult on a wide range of issues concerning heritage and tourism to various bodies and organisations. For instance, we frequently work with destination management organisations to promote the area’s archaeology and history.

For example, in 2015 we visited numerous sites in Bulgaria to consult on the construction of a heritage-based theme park. The information gathered during this trip was used to begin preparing a guide to the archaeology and history of Bulgaria. The campaign we devised to promote the archaeology of Bulgaria was recognised by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2017: Archaeology Travel was awarded the prize for the best publication in online media for 2016.

A Guide to Exploring the Past in Bulgaria.

Certificate awarded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2017.

For details on how we work with various bodies and organisations, Click Here.

Some of the organisations and companies we have worked with.

Who are we?

Archaeology Travel was founded by Thomas Dowson, and launched in 2011. Over the years various writers with a professional background have either joined the team or contributed to the content on the website. Although the website has seen a few significant changes in direction, our activities have consistently been based on a code of ethics that sets us apart from other organisations and companies that offer similar services.

Thomas Dowson, Founder and Editor

Thomas trained as an archaeologist in South Africa, and then went on to teach and research archaeology at leading universities in South Africa and England. He has researched and published books and articles in a range of academic journals and magazines, on the prehistoric arts in southern Africa, Europe and North America, as well as the contemporary significance of archaeology … Read More >>

Current and Past Contributors

Ethan Doyle White

Ethan is a PhD candidate at University College London researching religious practices in early Medieval England. When not hunting down archaeological monuments he blogs at Albion Calling … Read More >>

Sarah Nash

Sarah is a travel obsessed bookworm with a passion for history and archaeology. Sarah is on a secret mission to get her children as interested in history and travel as she is. Apparently it is mixed results so far … Read More >>

Sarah Smith

After starting out as a travel agent, Sarah retrained as an editor and set up her own copy-editing and proofreading business, Charwell Proof Plus. She has travelled widely in Europe and the Middle East … Read More >>

Bethany Howell

Bethany has a MA in Art History from the University of Exeter. Her interests range from Gothic architecture to nineteenth-century painting. She is currently working on a series of drawings of Victorian women … Read More >>

Jason Summers

Jason has a BA in Archaeology from the University of Exeter. He has long been interested in the ‘human past’ and greatly enjoys visiting historic and archaeological sites. And then returning home to write about them … Read More >>

Our Code of Ethics

► Archaeology Travel does not answer financially or intellectually to shareholders or venture capitalists, or any other stakeholder with vested interest in the travel and heritage industries

► All information provided is original and impartial, honest and often passionate

► Archaeology Travel supports and promotes the principles of responsible travel, in particular actively encouraging irreproachable behaviour when visiting heritage sites and attractions, promoting a standard that often goes beyond the legal prescriptions set out in some countries

What our Readers Say

… by email

I’ve been using your website ‘archaeology-travel.com’ as a point of reference to plan a trip to the rock art caves in the south of France. It is an excellent website with great information (including getting tickets for Font de Gaume), and I am very glad I stumbled across it. Thank you very much!

… on Instagram

What a lovely IG feed to stumble upon. Informative, creative and original in equal measure!

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Following your page is like having my own personal tour guide. Thank you!

… on the website

Your information is the best. It helped me a lot. I have just successfully reserved tickets yesterday by mail.

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