What the world wants is for archaeology to teach it something about humanity’s past. … They want to hear about Olduvai Gorge, and Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu.

So wrote one of the twentieth century’s most influential archaeologists, Kent Flannery, in 1982. A lot has changed since then and people of the World are no longer satisfied with just hearing about these and other iconic archaeological sites, they want to visit them, and they want to visit others too. Increasingly they can, and do. World-wide travel is not only much easier now than it was thirty years ago, whether it is following in the footsteps of many others or going off the beaten track. World-wide travel is also much more affordable. Surveys repeatedly reveal that one of the main reasons why people travel is to experience first-hand the cultural heritage of another place.

Just as ‘archaeology travel’ becomes more popular, so too sharing our journeys with other archaeology travellers also becomes an integral part of our experiences with the past.

The aim of the Archaeology Travel website is twofold: it will not only provide resources necessary to visit archaeological sites and museums, both near and far, and it will provide a forum for people to share those experiences with others.

Some of the features will include:

  • Detailed listings for archaeological sites open to the public, ordered by region and subject
  • Listings of archaeological parks and theme-parks for all ages
  • A directory of the not to be missed archaeological museums
  • The ability to create an itinerary for your archaeological tours
  • A forum to share your experiences with others

The old Archaeology Travel websiteSome of you may have seen my first Archaeology Travel website, a page is pictured here to the right. In that website I tested the concept using the diverse archaeology of France, from prehistoric cave art to the incredible Medieval heritage of that Nation. Encouraged by the results of that site I am now taking the website to the next level. At the moment I am developing the concept, and am confident I am we are producing an innovative and interesting resource for archaeology travellers, with trustworthy content.

The new site will be launching soon; for updates follow ArchTrav on Twitter, like the Archaeology Travel page on Facebook, and/or +1 Archaeology Travel’s Google+ page.

Thomas Dowson, Founder and Editor
Thomas Dowson, Archaeology Travel BlogI grew up on a farm south of Harare in Zimbabwe, southern Africa. From an early age I was introduced to archaeology, with a rock shelter containing prehistoric cave paintings literally a stone’s throw from the front door of the family home. I went on to study archaeology at the University of the Witwatersrand, and then researched and taught archaeology at leading universities in South Africa and the UK. Continue reading …


Ethan Doyle White
Ethan Doyle-White Born and raised in London, Ethan Doyle White is an aspiring academic and doctoral candidate in Early Medieval archaeology. Keenly interested in the archaeology of religion, ritual and spirituality, he is also fascinated by the use of pre-Christian belief systems in a contemporary religious context, especially Neo-Paganism. He has published research on both subjects in various peer-reviewed journals, and is author of the blog Albion Calling. He loves hunting down isolated megalithic monuments in rural Britain.

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