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The heel of the Italian boot, Puglia is a history lover’s dream destination. With archaeology going back to the Stone Age, and an eventful Medieval period, this area is one of the richest and most diverse regions in Italy. Whether it is hilltop towns surrounded by towering white walls or seaside ports settled by the Romans, this is an area you will want to return to, over and over again.


With its dramatic volcanic setting, Santorini is one of the more popular of all the Greek islands. Picturesque villages perched on the edge of the caldera offer much sought after settings for stunning sunsets. Popular wisdom suggests that Santorini is not the island for a family holiday; it is a dream destination for couples looking for romantic getaways. Last October Sarah ignored this advice and took her family of four, finding it to be a fabulous location for families that like to really explore the history and culture of a place, with a great deal more to offer than just its beauty.

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences judged Archaeology Travel the best online publication for promoting the archaeological heritage of Bulgaria in 2016.

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