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Visitors in Lascaux's Hall of Bulls.

“I’ve been using your website ‘’ as a point of reference to plan a trip to the rock art caves in the south of France. It is an excellent website with great information, and I am very glad I stumbled across it.”

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Archaeology Tours

We offer a select portfolio of small group and bespoke, private guided cultural tours in Europe. Although these tours are suited for people with a wide range of interests, our ethical tours are unique in that they focus on art in archaeology. From Ice Age cave art in France, the artistic and architectural splendours of Puglia, to more than 8,000 years of changing artistic traditions in Bulgaria.

Destination Guides

Whether you are looking for activities at local sites and museums for a day out, or planning a holiday to visit some of the best, popular and little-known archaeological sites and museums around the World, search the online guides for some of the best archaeology and history attractions. You will also find numerous tips and suggestions to make the most of your trip …

Consultancy & PR

Besides working with a number of organisations and companies to promote the archaeology of a destination, as well as relevant products and services, we have also consulted on a range of projects associated with cultural heritage and tourism for various bodies. We are always interested in new collaborations, as long as they fit our code of ethics and responsible tourism.

Some of the organisations Archaeology Travel has worked with.

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