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Archaeology Travel Ideas 2023


An island of giants and Nuraghi, ancient civilisations and medieval dynasties, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

The hilltop medieval fortified town of Castelsardo.

Ten Reasons to Visit Sardinia

With an area of some 24,000 km2 Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, has everything most travellers and holiday makers could wish for. Idyllic beaches with uncontaminated waters. Prehistoric archaeology not seen elsewhere in Europe. Distinctive traditional cuisine with flavours that reflect Sardinia’s rich history. Extensive natural parks and green spaces that are ideal for enjoying a wide range of leisure and sporting activities. As well as festivals and traditions that enliven the island all year round.

Seven Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

With a magnificent coastline on the Black Sea, the Balkan state of Bulgaria is at the very edge of south eastern Europe. Perhaps you will not find an iconic monument to rival the Colosseum or the Parthenon, but Bulgaria has a fascinating and complex past that has been shaped by Greek, Latin, Slavic, Ottoman, Persian and Soviet influences. You will find a nation that still has a strong heritage of traditional dance, music, costumes and crafts, as well as 40,000 or so archaeological sites and cultural monuments. Consider our seven reasons to visit Bulgaria and explore over 8,000 years of history.

Autun in Autumn

Founded by Emperor Augustus around 15 BC, in 725 AD Autun would be the eastern most reach of the Muslim Ummayads in Europe. Much later, in the 1830s the town witnessed the beginning of the modern oil shale industry, and in 1852 gave its name to the mineral Autunite. Autun is steeped in many facets of history. Not surprisingly then that this town in the heart of the French region of Burgundy is a designated town of art and history. Following in Roman footsteps, in October Thomas made a brief stop here, and suggests Autun is more than just a staging post.