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The hilltop medieval fortified town of Castelsardo.

Is Sardinia Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons to Visit the Island of Giants

Coast & Beaches

An aerial view of a catamaran sailing boat in Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia.
An aerial view over the Maddalena Archipelago.
Grains of sand on Arutas Grain Of Sand
Grains of sand on the beach of Is Arutas near Cabras.

Food & Wine

A plate of porcetto arrosto.
A plate of porcetto arrosto, roast suckling pig.
A glass of vernacia rose wine.
A wine tasting of Vernaccia di Oristano.

Nuraghi & Giants

The central tower of Nuraghe Losa.
The central tower of Nuraghe Losa near Oristano.
The megalithic façade of the Tomb of the Giants Su Monte S' Abe near Olbia.
The Giants' Grave of Su Mont'e s'Abe near Olbia.

Folklore & Festivals

Artefacts from the festival in the Sartiglia Museum of Oristano.
Artefacts associated with the Sartiglia festical in the museum in Oristano.
The Sant Efisio procession in the streets of Cagliari.
The carriage carrying the efigy of Sant'Efisio through the streets of Cagliari.

Natural Parks & caves

Pink flamingoes in a lagoon of Molentargius Park.
Pink flamingoes in the lagoons of Molentargius Park near Cagliari.
Inside the Cave of Neptune near Alghero.
Inside the Grotte di Nettuno near Alghero.

Ancient Ruins & Archaeology

Inside the necropolis of Sant'Andrea Priu.
Paleo Christian chapel in the prehistoric necropolis of Sant'Andrea Priu.
A well preserved Roman mosaic floor at the archaeological site of Nora.
Roman mosaic floor at Nora.

Geology & Mining

Aerial view of sea and coastline Porto Flavia, with kayaks.
Porto Flavia, the seaward mouth of the tunnel.
The mine head of Serbariu Coal Mine.
Minehead at Serbariu Mine, Carbonia.

Medieval Towns & Churches

The hilltop medieval fortified town of Castelsardo.
The hilltop fortified medieval town of Castelsardo.
The church of San Lussorio sites on an archaeological site of the earlier Paleochristian church.
The Romanesque church dedicated to Sain Lussorio near Fordongianus.

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Canoeing on the still waters of the Laguna di Mistras.
Canoeing on Laguna di Mistras near Cabras.
Hiking on Tavolara Island in Sardinia.
Hiking on Tavolara Island near Olbia.

Museums & Art Galleries

A selection of Mont'e Prama statues in the Cabras Museum.
A selection of the Mont'e Prama Giants in the museum in Cabras.
The building housing the Municipal Art Gallery in Cagliari.
The Cagliari Municipal Art Gallery in the public gardens below the Museum Citadel.

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