Guided tour of ancient Egyptian temple.

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There are many tour company and providers offering tours, cruises and other activities with a focus of archaeology and history. So many that it can be quite a daunting task to choose one. On this page we promote those tours and activities that we have either taken ourselves or have vetted as part of our partner programme. Some have been recommended, or our recommendation has been seconded, by our readers. We also include a list of self guided tours and itineraries we have created. You might check specific destination pages as there may be further suggestions to consider.

Featured Recommendation

Oberoi Luxury Nile Cruises

Cruising the Nile is a truly remarkable experience. The ever-changing view as your boat cruises the Nile is sure to captivate you. All the while anticipating another stop at an ancient Egyptian temple. Cruising the Nile for the spectacular archaeology is a once in a lifetime trip for many. So make it that much more special by taking a luxury cruise with Oberoi.

Views from the Oberoi Philae while cruising on the Nile River, Egypt

Historical Tours, Cruises and Activities Provided by Our Partners

While travelling and researching new content for our readers, we have worked with some truly gifted activity providers around the world. People who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of archaeology, history and traditions with visitors to their hometowns and regions. These are our partners, and we are confident in promoting their services here. Our partners advertise on this page free of charge, and we do not get any commission if you take one of their activities.

The ancient theatre of Syracuse on the isalnd of Sicily, Italy.

Walking Tour of Ancient Syracuse, Italy

Syracuse, on the island of Sicily, was one of the most important Greek colonies and during this walking tour you will visit the best set of ruins of this ancient city. With a qualified guide you will explore the site, and enjoy amazing views from the terrace of the ancient theatre.

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History Walking Tour of Reus in Catalonia, Spain

Discover the history of Reus on a 3-hour walking tour with Carmen Granados. Learn about the Catalan city’s modernist architecture, as well as the life and work of one it’s famous sons, Antoni Gaudí. Go inside some of the historical shops. And of course, taste its greatest export: vermouth!

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Explore the Great Gothic Cathedrals of Northern France

Cruise electric along 150km of rural waterways linking such great rivers as Somme, Oise, Aisne and Marne. The eight-day cruise includes guided visits to the a number of spectacular Gothic cathedrals, such as Amiens, Noyon, and Reims, and the equally impressive Basilica of St-Quentin.

Recommended Tours and Activities Provided By Affiliate Partners

The following listings are for activities that we have either paid for or were provided for promotional purposes. Whether paid for or promotional, we are confident in our recommendations. If you book these activities we may earn a commission, at no extra cost to you. In no way does this influence our recommendations. To learn more about the products and services we promote, and why, read our Code of Ethics statement.

View of the Acropolis in Athens from Pnyx Hill.

Walking Tour of Pnyx Hill and the Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis in Athens is the most popular archaeological site in Greece. Very few people visit the archaeological site of Pnyx Hill, which many historians believe to be the birthplace of democracy. This fascinating two-hour walking tour starts at Pnyx Hill, and continues to the Acropolis.

Christmas market at Charlottenburg Palace.

Christmas Markets Walking Tour, Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for Christmas markets. And with over 70 of them, it is not difficult to see why. Or why a guided tour might be a good idea, particularly if you want to know more about their history and the traditions associated with Christmas in Germany.

Archaeology Travel Self-Guided Tours and Itineraries


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Three-day Royal Itinerary of London

From the Tower of London to Buckingham Palace, London’s royal heritage is immense. We have put together a three-day, self-guided itinerary for those visitors who want to focus their sightseeing on something for which the British are well known – the monarchy and its history.

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Political History Itinerary, London

This one-day, self-guided walking tour of British politics takes you to some of the more interesting landmarks in the city. From Brompton Oratory and sites of protest, to Churchill’s War Rooms and Parliament Square, you will end at the Houses of Parliament, in time for a guided tour.

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Military History Itinerary, London

London has many museums and landmarks for the military history enthusiast. This one-day, self-guided itinerary focuses on those that are within central London. They can easily be reached on foot or by tube, without taking up too much time going from one place to another.

St. Sepulchre’s Church in Holborn, London, is known as the Musician's church.

Classical Music Itinerary, London

From highbrow music venues to historic churches, there are many places in London to attend orchestral, operatic or choral performances. On this two-day, self-guided itinerary you get to explore the history of London’s classical music scene, and even take a break at a free lunchtime concert.

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History Walking Tour of Salisbury, Wiltshire

Salisbury, not far from Stonehenge, is one of England’s heritage cities. Many come to see the world famous Cathedral and Old Sarum. Walk around the city and see the signs of a fascinating and prosperous medieval past. Add a stroll around the Cathedral Close.


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Three Days of Art and History in Paris

This self guided tour of Paris is perfect for first time visitors to get the best art and history of the French capital. The first two days focused the centre of Paris, while the third day is a day trip to Monet’s gardens and Versailles to visit Louis XIV’s palace and gardens.

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Self Guided Tour of the Best cave Art in France

You do not have to take a group tour to see cave art in France. A few caves are open to individuals, and of course the replicas of Lascaux and Chauvet are ‘works of art’ in their own right. Use our suggestions and tips for the perfect self guided tour of southern France.


The Temple of Hercules Victor on what was the Forum Boarium in Rome.

Walking Tour of the Mercantile Fora, Rome

On the banks of the Tiber River are two lesser known ancient fora: Forum Boarium (cattle market) and Forum Holitorium (vegetable market). Every bit as interesting as their better known counterparts, they are more than rewarding for those who like to explore archaeological sites without crowds.

Independent tour and activity providers … become an

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