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8,000 Years of Artistic Splendour in Bulgaria - with Atlantic Tours

Thracian funerary fresco, at the tomb in Kazanluk, Bulgaria.

Thracian Tomb, Kazanluk.

The archaeology of Bulgaria is every bit as spectacular and interesting as any of the more popular destinations for exploring the past. Archaeologically and historically, it is certainly one of the most diverse areas in Europe. This tour takes you to some of Bulgaria's more spectacular sites and museums from Sofia in the west to the Black Sea coast in the east, focusing on the changing artistic traditions over the last 8,000 years - including the oldest worked gold artefacts.

Small group tour of the art and archaeology of Bulgaria

  • 12 May to 22 May 2017
  • €1995 Euros per person, €1755 per person, sharing
  • All inclusive
  • 4* & 5* hotels
  • Maximum 15 people
  • Archaeological & Architectural Splendours of Puglia - with
    Trulli of Alberobello, a stop on the archaeology tour of Puglia, Spring 2017.
    Trulli of Alberobello.
    From Neolithic/Bronze Age dolmens to the ubiquitous Medieval churches and castles, this small-group tour of the cultural heritage of Puglia provides visitors an introduction to a region of Italy that has seen many come and go. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Normans, the Hohenstaufens and Angevins; each of these have left their mark, by building anew or modifying existing architecture. This all inclusive, ten-day tour will run in late March/April and November 2017. On hand will be local guides to ensure we experience the best cuisine in the region.
    Small group archaeology of Puglia and neighbouring regions.

  • 30 March to 8 April 2017
  • 4* hotels in 3 cities
  • €2285 Euros per person, €1995 per person, sharing
  • Maximum 15 people
  • Ice Age Cave Art of France

    The Hall of Bulls, Lascaux II.

    France is well known for its Stone Age cave art. The most famous of these caves is of course Lascaux, now closed to the public for conservation reasons. There are, however, many other still open to the public that together offer a wonderful opportunity to see first hand some of the most spectacular prehistoric art in the World. I offer private guided tours, but I also create itineraries for self-guided tours.

    Private, bespoke guided tours of the cave art of France.

  • Or, buy a detailed, ready to use itinerary
  • Or, I can create an itinerary to suit your needs
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    Thomas Dowson

    Thomas Dowson beside one of René de Villeneuve's sphinxes, Chenonceau Castle, France.

    Small group archaeology tours, or private bespoke guided tours led by Thomas Dowson, founder of Archaeology Travel. Drawing on my professional background in archaeology and art history, ten years running a highly praised B&B in Normandy, as well as my passion for travel, I offer truly unique experiences. Whether you are looking to visit for yourselves as many decorated caves in France as you can in a specified number of days, or you prefer a more relaxed approach and wish to take in all that surrounds the Stone Age caves, I can help make your holiday one to remember for all the rights reasons. Private, bespoke guided archaeology tours are my speciality, particularly where prehistoric and ancient art is concerned. See All Tours

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