The archaeology of North America may very well be much younger than that of some other continents, but it is every bit as interesting. Whether it is the arrival of hunters and gatherers tens of thousands of years ago in the west, the arrival of Vikings about one thousand years ago in the east, or the arrival of Europeans at the end of the fifteenth century, the archaeology here is incredibly diverse.

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Petroglyphs Provincial ParkCanada has evidence of human occupation going back at least 24,000 years to when the first hunters and gatherers crossed from Asia to North America. The archaeology over this period varies quite dramatically, changing from the rock art and campsites of the earliest hunters and gatherers, the long-houses of the Vikings, to the fur-trading and industrial sites of more recent European colonists … archaeological sites in Canada.

Horseshoe Canyon National ParkUnited States of America has an extremely diverse and fascinating archaeological heritage. In the far western States there are a number of very different traditions of exquisite rock art, as well as the extraordinary remains of prehistoric cliff dwellings often in quite dramatic settings. Besides enigmatic archaic earthworks in the east, there are many sites here that bear testimony to the colonial era and the Slave Trade … archaeological sites in USA.

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