Côte-d’Or, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire & Yonne.
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Exploring the Past in Burgundy

As one of France’s world-famous wine producing regions, the Burgundy region is internationally renowned for both its gastronomic traditions and its extensive historical heritage. During the Medieval period the city of Dijon was a European centre of arts and science, and still today has numerous museums. The departments in Burgundy are: Côte-d’Or, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, Yonne.





Autun in Autumn – A Ville d’Art et d’Histoire in Burgundy

Founded by Emperor Augustus around 15 BC, in 725 AD Autun would be the eastern most reach of the Muslim Ummayads in Europe. Much later, in the 1830s the town witnessed the beginning of the modern oil shale industry, and in 1852 gave its name to the mineral Autunite. Autun is steeped in many facets of history. Not surprisingly then that this town in the heart of the French region of Burgundy is a designated town of art and history … Continue Reading >>

The Gallo-Roman Temple of Janus, Autun.

Top Five Sites & Museums in Burgundy

Solutré Site & Museum

Châtillonnais Museum

Bibracte Hillfort

Fontenay Abbey

Building Guédelon

Map of Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in Burgundy

Prehistoric sites (Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age) are marked with red pins on the map, Gallo-Roman with green pins, Middle Ages with light blue, Early Modern (the Ancien Régime) with pink, Modern (from the French Revolution to the Great War) with purple, 20th Century/Historic with yellow. Museums and theme parks are marked with dark blue pins.
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Find a list of archaeology and history sites and museums by department on the following four pages:

Villes et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire





Explore the Past in Burgundy by Interest

Hall of the Bulls in the cave of Lascaux, France.

Cave Art in Burgundy and France

France is well known for having some of the finest prehistoric cave art in the World. Few, however, associate Burgundy with cave art. While there are not the number of decorated caves in Burgundy as there are in other regions of France, if you are visiting the region there is a site not to be missed. For a comprehensive guide to visiting cave art in France, including details about each cave, links to websites and how to get the most out of your tour, whether you want to see a few of the best sites or as much as you can … Continue Reading >>.