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Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in Eastern Netherlands

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Map of Archaeology and History Sites and Museums in Eastern Netherlands

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Museums in Eastern Netherlands

Erve Eme Archaeological Open Air Museum

Devoted to the Early Middle Ages, the Erve Eme Archaeological Open-Air Museum in Gelderland includes a reconstructed timber hall and other buildings. Recreating a farmstead scene as it may have looked around the year 700, Erve Eme features re-enactors carrying out activities like archery, blacksmithing, pottery, and basket weaving. Focusing on educational events for school children, the museum is also open on select days in the summer months for the general public.

Erve Kots

Preserving a historic farmyard environment, the open-air museum at Achterhoek in Gelderland is also known as Erve Kots, a name derived from J.H. Kots, who previously lived there. Owned by the Weenink family for three generations, it has been an open-air museum since 1936. Livestock can be found at the site, which continues in use as a working farm. A café and cheese shop, selling local produce, are located in the museum grounds.

Netherlands Open Air Museum

Based near Arnhem in Gelderland, the Netherlands Open Air Museum first welcomed visitors in 1918 and was set up to help preserve historic buildings under threat from modernisation. A range of buildings help convey a sense of Dutch life from the 19th and 20th centuries. Actors in period costume further bring the past to life, while a historic tramline allows visitors to travel the museum in comfort. Awarded the European Museum of the Year Award in 2005.

Open Air Museum Ootmarsum

The Open Air Museum Ootmarsum in Overijssel focuses on preserving the built environment of the Twente region of the eastern Netherlands. 16 historic buildings have been brought together, including farmhouses, stables, sheds, a smithy, and a sheepfold, decked out with a range of traditional agricultural equipment. The museum stands on the site of a former castle owned by the Teutonic Order, and a small exhibit informs on this aspect of the local past.

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