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From the heights of the Blackpool Tower to those of the Pennine Hills, Lancashire is a diverse county. Traces of prehistory can be seen at Lancashire’s stone circles, as well as a range of Bronze Age round barrows and hillforts like Portfield. The Roman military left behind evidence of their presence in Lancashire, most notably at Ribchester where you can visit Bremetennacum fort. Medieval structures include the fortifications of Clitheroe and Lancaster Castles, while the Middle Ages closed with the War of the Roses, in which one of the main factions was the House of Lancaster – Lancashire’s county town. Lancashire is also has several of England’s finest early modern buildings, including Rufford Old Hall, Hoghton Tower, and Gawthorpe Hall. The Industrial Revolution brought increasing urbanisation to Lancashire, a heritage that can still be seen at sites like the Bancroft Mill Engine Museum and Queen Street Mill Textile Museum.

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