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The Great Bath at night in Bath, England.

Exploring the past in England

From the enigmatic Stonehenge in the south, to the monumental Hadrian’s Wall in the north. From Sutton Hoo in the east, to castles of the Welsh Marches in the west. From the industrial heritage sites in the north, to the many World War II sites along the southern coastline. England has a vast range of archaeology and history attractions, with something for everyone – whether you are pursuing your own interests or traveling on vacation. The earliest evidence of humans dates back to before the Last Glacial period. Beginning just before the end of the Ice Age on into the medieval period and beyond there were successive arrivals of people who brought with them new ways of living: the first farmers, the Romans, Saxons, Normans, as well as the African-Caribbean people in post-war Britain. All contributed to the diversity of archaeological and historical sites in England we visit today.

Inside the stone circle at Stonehenge at dawn.


Ruins of the Roman town at Corbridge, Hadrian's Wall.

Corbridge Roman Town

The stairs of the King's Great Tower at Old Sarum, Salisbury.

Old Sarum

Ruins of Tintagel Castle on an overcast and dark day.

Tintagel Castle

Search for Archaeology and History Sites in England

Interactive map of England.

Interactive Map of England

Use the interactive map to search for archaeology and history sites and museums, landmarks and memorials and other points of interest around the country. The map allows you to find places of historical interest using a number of different functions. You can look at all the sites and museums within a single county, or you can find sites near your present location. You can search for places to visit within a specified radius of a named location, as well as refining that search to suit your interests. Although the map displays best on desktops and laptops, it can also be used on mobile devices – particularly to find sites and museums near your present location. Go to the map >>

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City Guides for History Lovers

The goddess Sulis Minerva, found in the Roman baths in Bath.

From Roman Baths to Exemplary Georgian Architecture

The famous Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, south west England.

A City Shaped by Bridges & Boats for at Least a Thousand Years

Remains of the Medieval bridge in Exeter, Devon.

A Roman Fortress Becomes a Prosperous Medieval Trading Post

Elizabeth Tower at the UK's Houses of Parliament.

Walk Londinium’s Wall to London’s Gothic Grandeur